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You Should Read This if You Aim To Become The Next Best Teacher



Developing New Approaches To Teaching In Our Everyday Classroom

A single approach to teaching a concept,many a time,leads to a frailed instruction. But multiple approaches to teaching the same concept is like creating a slit in a castle wall; ‘light’ is let in with ease.

It is important that a prepurposed instruction be repackaged when the need arises.

But how does an instructor realize that his/her instruction needs repackaging?

It needs constant appraisal of yourself in terms of your pedagogical skills, and a critical observational assessment (even in the course of lesson delivery) of your learners.

And when you find out,what do you do?

The world is an endless maze of information and knowledge. Expanding upon your teaching knowledge by getting support to find out what works for your students is not a shame to you as a teacher. It’s rather a display of your ‘class’ of open-mindedness which the underlining philosophies of Education uphold.

Developing new approaches mean trying out whatever will work perfectly.
At times, you have to leave the publisher materials(the text book information) and draw upon yourself and your students in real life situations: if I were a learner being taught with this approach, would I or my friend comprehend? If not, what is the loophole,how do I make it clearer? I know Kwesi Badu would get it with this approach,but what of Yaa Menu who likes lengthy explanations?

If you do these with resolve, you’ll be expanding your teaching horizon as well, and it wouldn’t be surprising that you’ll even fit easily in the strangest and newest setting.

There is more to teaching, but just being able to develop new approaches to teaching in your everyday classroom makes you ‘a round character.’

The anthem is

_I was once a learner,and forever a learner, I remain!

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