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You Can’t Teach SHS With One Year Post Diploma Top-Up Degree But You Are Also Not Limited To The Basic School Forever


You Can’t Teach SHS With One Year Post Diploma Top-Up Degree But You Are Also Not Limited To The Basic School Forever- Hon. Jerry Akporhor of ITN

There is a way to the top. You just have to know it and be ready to follow through. Many diploma teachers have asked this question ever since the issue of the one year top-up came up.

Now, here is the thing, though it is also a Degree but it’s scope is in three broad arrears; Early Childhood, Primary and JHS Education that is why it is not accepted as a qualification to teach at the SHS. Does that mean after doing it, you are stucked at the basic for life? No!

If you are dying to teach at the SHS, all you need is another degree. Yes, another degree in a specific subject area that is being thought at the SHS. But remember, after your one year degree top up, you would be placed on the rank of PS and GES does to grant study leave with pay to holders of degree who wish to further.

That is to say, you have two options to choose between: taking study leave without pay and go to the campus on regular mode or you choose Distance/sandwich mode like the 5semester one with ucc. But the good news is that, no matter the mode, the certificate holds the same value. The mode is not written on the certificate.

But, note, one disadvantage of the distance/sandwich mode is that, it has limited courses on offer. You may be compelled to do a course you don’t have so much passion for. Also, after the course, you would not be posted to the SHS automatically. You have to hunt for vacancies and apply for consideration while those who went to the regular on study leave would be posted after they complete their course of study.

On the other hand, if you are like me, who is not so obsessed about teaching at the SHS, you can use your one year topup to do either Masters of education M.eD/ Masters of Philosophy. With Masters of philosophy in Early Childhood education for example gives you the chance to skip SHS to teach at the tertiary( colleges and varsity) where you can help train other teachers in the field of Early Childhood. Also, with your masters, you can be appointed to function at various levels and not necessarily the classroom. Eg. Headteacher circuit supervisor or officer in the district or regional office. It also reduces the number of years you need to serve before moving to the next rank.

In conclusion, the one year topup is both good and bad. It may be bad for you but good for someone else. It all depends on what you want to do with your life and the career path you are creating for yourself. Don’t follow the crowd. Know what you need and what is good for you.

This exposition is not conclusive but I hope it helps someone to make an informed choice. Be an informed teacher, because a misinformed teacher is deformed and a deformed teacher is a biological weapon against himself and those around him.

Hon. Jerry Akporhor
Lead Educator @ fb. Informed Teachers Network

Source: Manuelnewsgh.com

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