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Why Is It A Crime To Go For Distance Education In Ghana, Hon Jerry Hints.

Why Is It A Crime To Go For Distance Education In Ghana, Hon Jerry Hints.


It saddens my heart whenever I hear people use adjectives such as, half baked, low quality, inferior, failures, etc to describe distance education graduates. Both employers and employees

It’s totally wrong. It’s a misconception that we must all do away with. DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENTS ARE SMARTER AND SELF DISCIPLINED. I know people who are working with the certificates acquired through distance education and they are doing just fine. I don’t know where this misconception is emanating from. The first person to start this argument did us a great disservice.

How can you say they are failures when the entry requirements for both regular and distance are the same?
How can you say their products are of low quality when they are being taught by the same tutors or lecturers and also learned the same contents as their countaparts in regular?
How can you say they are inferior when they wrote and passed the same exams set by the same lecturers or examination body?
How do you conclude that they are half baked when they did the same year durations and same course as their countaparts in the regular mode?

See, most people chose the distance mode for various reasons.
Some people chose it because they are working already and they can’t afford to leave their job because their lives depends on it but they also need education.
Some people also chose the distance because they have to work to fund their education and still support their family.
Some also have to be close to their families for various reasons.
While some people also consider proximity issues thus the distance from where they are and the school.
Moreover, schools have limited number of students they admit and maybe they are not fortunate enough to be admitted though they qualify that’s why they chose the next available option. So you see, it’s a matter of CHOICE and CHANCE.

Only smart people can learn on their own and pass well. Self directed learning is not for the weak minded. Dull and lazy minds will fail. Also, combining work and studies perfectly and making the best out of the two within a limited timeframe is reserved for the self disciplined. Multi tasking is for smart people. So the next time you want to use an adjective to describe distance students, choose it wisely.

Most of us that went to the regular mode would have failed portooor if we were to enroll in the distance mode. Employers look down on distance education graduates in terms of employment. Colleague at work also do same. Why? We can’t all do the same thing. Diversity makes life complete. Let’s Appreciate it.

—-Hon. Jerry Akporhor


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