Home ARTICLE We Will Revisit Our Senses After The Lockdown  🇬🇭 EGS RELEASES.

We Will Revisit Our Senses After The Lockdown  🇬🇭 EGS RELEASES.

We Will Revisit Our Senses After The Lockdown  🇬🇭 EGS RELEASE.

We Will Revisit Our Senses After The Lockdown



“Had I known comes always last”.

The novel Coronavirus in our part of the world is fast spreading like a tsunami hence the urgent need for a radical approach to arresting the virus in order to prevent a total damage to the entire population.

As a result of the fast increasing numbers trickling in, it is only prudent that our earlier call for a lockdown is heeded by our president with strategic measures.

Notwithstanding, we write this rejoinder us a declaration of our full support to the call for a lockdown of the country by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) with immediate effect.

Should our president refuse to act fast, the number of infected cases shall overwhelm both health workers and the government. A call for a lockdown at that time shall be too late. Or are we waiting for half our population to be infected before locking down the country?

Yes, we are not saying it won’t bring hardship; it will definitely cause some harsh problems. We have now come face-to-face with reality of the spread and therefore have no other option than to lockdown to endure some hardship in order to save lives.

This lockdown shall definitely make us revisit our senses and begin to do things differently when it’s over. Our leaders have refused to give maximum attention to healthcare systems in the country all these years but now, would have to face the same poorly resourced, little or unavailable health facilities together with the ordinary Ghanaian. It’s time to share same facilities with our leaders.

We hope a lockdown would rather save lives and teach us a tough lesson which shall usher in a new ways of doing things when it’s over.

Unfortunately, we kept quiet and thought it doesn’t infect Africans.

The Sierra Leone’s president has declared a 12-month public health emergency to tackle the coronavirus pandemic after consultation, local media reported Wednesday. The West African country of some 7.5 million people as yet has no registered CORONAVIRUS cases ,WHO reported.

How do we think deep in Ghana? Do we act last minute or we have emergency plan? Every Ghanaian must be blamed especially those we entrusted to lead us manage the affairs of this country. Those with ideas are powerless to implement them.

▪️1.Can we mention one working institution?
▪️2. Do we vote for patriotic leaders with a positive attitude to think about Ghana’s development or we vote for the rich and popular men to dupe us?
▪️3. Do we follow the instructions given by rent control that, every house must have a toilet facility and landlords must take only 6 six months advance?
▪️4. How much was sanitizer sold in Ghana then and now?
▪️5. Do we love ourselves in Ghana?
▪️6. How many complete modern hospitals with all the needed equipment do we have?
▪️7. Are our leaders going to the same hospitals in Ghana and why?
▪️8. What topics do we discuss to get solutions to eradicate a national canker on our TV and radio stations?
▪️9. Do we practice governance in continue in Ghana or we do “my party my manifestos”?
▪️10. How do we use the renewable and non-renewable natural resources?
▪️11. What message does most of our Pastors, Bishop etc preach to us and how do we accept the message too?

Lovely Ghanaians, we are not sick but still not well because of our negligence.

CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 started like a joke in Ghana and we thought is for those people. It has really exposed us that, we are nothing on this Earth and God is the only reason for our survival. We need not to continue to be church goers anymore but behave as children of God.

We shall revisit our senses as a nation and develop a positive attitude. Besides, we shall put Ghana first in our line of duties to make her great and strong again just after the lockdown and I say this with a heavy heart.

The attitudinal change we’ve been calling for is here and now. Let’s stay home to prevent community spread.

The lockdown is long overdue, Mr. President. Take action now before we all sink together. “We won’t have time, let’s do it now!”


Boadi William
CEO, Educationist, Author and
Motivational Speaker.

EGS…We Educate The Nation.

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