WASSCE And BECE Have Become Community Project Work. A Concern Teacher Writes



Just observe critically the upcoming one. Parents, teachers, proprietors, headteachers, family members, police, invigilators etc. Everyone is in one way or the other on a standby to supply the candidates with apor or allow them to engage in examination malpractice. The process has already begun.

I won’t say the president is not aware of this. Parents have bought their children smart phones for this same purpose. Headmasters parents and teachers are extorting money from the candidates in anticipation to buy the papers or bribe the police and invigilators in other to perpetuate the planned malpractices. The candidates have put all their hopes in the apor not what they have learnt.

How do you feel as a parent, head, teacher, or proprietor, discussing this corrupt plans with your students? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Do you know how they see or think about you when they grow?

I remembered when I was writing my BECE one of our teachers came to drop a piece of paper through the window and was caught and handcuffed away. I was just looking at him in shame while they dragged him by the ass. Very embarrassing. Why do you put your job and integrity on the line for stupidity? So many years now but I can still remember that scene. I always see him as a corrupt and irresponsible adults. That’s not what he was supposed to be teaching us.

The next time you go to the hospital and they have you wrong injection, blame yourself. When those who are supposed to handle your documents commit too many errors, know that you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. The next time you hear of a bribery scandal about a politician, know that, that’s a reflection of your work.

Be a responsible adult. Teach the children the right thing. Be an example. If they fail, they won’t die. They would learn from their mistakes and become a better version of themselves. Just be there for them to encourage and guide them.

The worst of it is that, after you have toiled to teach your children, someone will come and supply them with wrong answers in the hall and they would also copy without verifying and end up failing. If you asked them why they fail, they can’t explain.


If you share same sentiment, please help me share.
Hon. Jerry Akporhor.

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