Unfair Treatment By UCC And PRINCOF To Teacher Trainees (Level 200 Teachers Trainees)



Silence is golden but being silent on important matters is cowardice. “If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”-Desmond Tutu
It’s about time we spoke up!!!

Colleges of education in Ghana were supposed to resume school in March, 2020 but due to covid-19 pandemic as we all know.

The president directed all schools to closed which included colleges of education. A while after that, ministry of education (MOE), Ghana education service (GES) and other relevant stakeholders decided to introduce online(visual) Learning.

Which we(Teacher trainees) so much disproved of with cogent reasons why the online learning was a nonstarter and definitely problematic to the teacher trainees, some of which included poor network in some areas, students without smart phones, no electricity in some areas, purchasing of huge data bundle for online learning etc.

In spite of the aforementioned, they went ahead to implement the online learning which we had no choice at that point but to join.


After several weeks of the online learning, it came to an end on the 15th of August, 2020. We were served notice from our mother University, University of Cape coast (UCC) that we are reporting to campus on the 31st of August 2020 to write our end of semester exams starting from 9th September,2020 which gives us a little over one weeks do revision.

Which came as a surprise to all of us(level 200 teacher trainees) not only because of the risks of contracting covid-19 but also all other universities are writing their exams online with the exception of UCC.

We were notified again on 19th August by UCC that we were to pay exams fees ( Ghc400) with deadline being 28th August 2020 which usually comprise of quiz 1, quiz 2 and End of semester exams.

Now, because the covid-19, quizzes were conducted by our various colleges online and not UCC. So one would have thought that once the two quizzes are not from UCC, their usual Ghc400 exams fees would have reduced because their cost in printing exams papers has reduced yet UCC has remained the Ghc400 despite the fact that we did not write their two quizzes.

Which is what i describe as a CLEAR CHEAT, not to mention the time frame for the payment of the exams fees.

My questions to UCC
1. If online learning was perfect and successful why not online exams?

  1. Why are we(level 200 teacher trainees) ask to pay the full exams fees when we did not write the two quizzes from UCC as usual?

  2. How do you expect us to pass when you’ve giving us only one week to revise after an unsuccessful online lectures.

This is what we want from UCC
1. We want to write our end of semester exams online.

  1. Extension of the period for revision to at least one month. That’s if option 1 won’t be possible.

  2. Reduction of exams fees to a reasonable amount since we didn’t write their two quizzes


My dear principals, with all due respect allowance is for teacher trainees and not for you I’m afraid. We were not on campus for you to feed us. We fed ourselves at home so the feeding component that was giving to you should be refunded to us.

The teacher trainee allowance comes in two folds, some to the teacher trainees and some to the principals for our feeding on campus. But due to covid-19 pandemic we were not on campus for our usual 4 month semester. And we believe we are fully entitled to that money PRINCOF received for our feeding.

Information we are receiving from PRINCOF indicates that, they claim they had already purchased our feeding as at the time school was about to resume and so cannot refund the monies to us.

In fact it has no intention of doing so. Which is highly unfair as we are going to spend only three weeks on campus. So PRINCOF is telling us that, they are going to use all the stipulated 4 month feeding component to feed us for only three weeks?

I don’t think so!
Those monies when given to us will help most of us to pay the exams fees since the deadline is so close and paying the Exams fees is problematic.

My questions to PRINCOF
1. If the full allowance was always given to us, would you have ask us to pay for the period that we were not on campus.

2 how do you purchase feeding for students who hadn’t reported to school? ( that’s if it’s true)

  1. Are they secretly working together with UCC to bring us to campus for our end of semester exams so that they can claim the feeding component?

  2. Doesn’t it sound whimsical that all principals of the various colleges of education had purchased the feeding before the closure of schools was announced?

What we want from PRINCOF.
They should give our feeding components to us simple!

Because we have no one to speak for us, our authorities take us for granted. I doubt if the relevant authorities are aware of the unfair treatment given to us by the University of Cape coast (UCC).

On this note, I respectfully implore the minister of education Mathew Opuku Prempeh, the president of the republic of Ghana his Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo and all relevant authorities to probe into this matter. It has become obvious that they are the only people that can help us.

If indeed UCC has the legal and moral basis for the unfair treatment they are giving to us, so be it!  God is watching us all!!

NOW, TO ( Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana) TTAG we understand there has been tremendous efforts by you to deal with the unfair treatments given to us by UCC and PRINCOF and we thank you for that.

But it is not enough. We need you more than ever to fight for us as we are being treated unfairly by PRINCOF and UCC who seems to be very rigid in their decisions.

Gh4 is deducted from our allowance every month from each student to you people as dues. So if you can’t help us in situations like this, then I’m afraid the association is useless.

The monies you receive from us every month as dues is enough to motivate you to fight harder for us.

I encourage my colleagues to keep sharing this write up till it gets to the highest office of the land(The presidency ). I’m sure our authorities will listen to them.




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