TUTAG Declares An Indefinite Strike.

TUTAG Declares An Indefinite Strike.

As the media will recall that, Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (TUTAG) declared a strike on 7th October 2019, following the failure of Government to fully migrate Senior members of Technical Universities onto the Single Spine Pay Structure of public universities. After the Government sought the intervention of the National Labour Commission (NLC) after failing to reach any consensus with the leadership of TUTAG after series of meetings.

In accordance with the ruling, TUTAG complied by immediately suspending the strike with the hope that Government would fulfill their part of the ruling by the payment of December 2019 salaries. However, salaries of December 2019 were paid without the said allowances with no official communication to that effect. It is worthy of note that some amounts of money have been credited to some office holders of the Technical Universities but the said amounts do not reflect the NLC ruling. This is clear indication that Government refused to fully comply with the NLC ruling.

It must be emphasized that Government through National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) is trying everything to make sure Technical Universities are not fully migrated onto the Single Spine Pay Structure of public universities. Government is also doing everything possible to create a second-tier public university even though NCTE professes ‘parity of prestige’ .

Having fulfilled the statutory requirement of the Labour Law, TUTAG hereby declares an indefinite strike on this day, 6th January 2020. TUTAG shall call of the strike only upon the fulfillment of the NLC ruling of 28th October 2019.

Will this help our people writing exams in the middle of this something has to be done about this with immediate effect so the students can continue with their exams, if not so then it will be disaster for them. Government and all stakeholders must come together to resolve this issue.

The strike action shall effect; Teaching, Invigilation, and Marking of scripts.

Long Live Ghana.

Dr. Solomon A. Keelson


Tel: 0208150023

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