Tikya Wireko’s Message To Teachers Of Various Subjects In The Country

Tikya Wireko's Message To Teachers Of Various Subjects In The Country

Tikya Wireko’s Message To Teachers Of Various Subjects In The Country


This is the time we should show our skills with our professions we aquire from various tertially institutions.

Biology teachers , give us the detail description of the nature of the disease(Coronavirus), where exactly it comes from, the kind of DNA or RNA it carries and how it different from other viruses.

Chemistry teachers, tell us the pH at which the virus can die, kind of chemicals that should be combined to kill this virus. Composition of those chemicals and why it can kill the virus etc.

Physics teachers, tell us the rate of speed at which the virus can enter humans’ body, the different in energies levels compared with other virus etc.

Mathematics teachers, give us figures about number of covid 19 viruses cases in Ghana , number of people who are likely to be affected by 2 months time etc.

Accounting teachers, tell us the total amount to budget for both the country and the individuals. Where to solicit funds for u to manage at home etc.

Economics teachers , tell us the rate of inflation of the country and which food items are likely to go up in terms of it price etc

Social studies teachers, tell us which kind of social distance do we need to adopt , which group of people to associate ourself to avoid the disease etc.

Home economics teachers, what kind of dishes are we supposed to eat to boost our immune system, types of food combination etc

Arts teachers , please draw the structure of the virus with it colours , catoons for us to see it’s nature in a concrete form etc.

Agric teachers, start mobilizing people and plant more food crops and do more compost to manure the soil for plant growth etc.

Language teachers , tell us more informations about the virus, by translating from other languages to our languages for the community to be aware and stop unnecessary arguments etc.

ICT teachers , give us websites to update ourselves of the virus , do power point to communicate about measures to control the virus etc.

Geography teachers , tell us the climantic conditions and geographical locations that are appropriate to stay to avoid the virus , wheather forecast etc.

Music teachers , compose more songs to create awareness of the virus, songs to inspire our soul etc.

History teachers, tell us the history of the virus since the discovery of the existence of virus as an agent of diseases etc.

PE teachers, tell us what kind of games and other gymnastics we should adopt to strengthen our body to stay healthy etc.


____Eric Wireko_____
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