The Hidden Secret To Prevent The Deadly Coronavirus Disease

Is COVID-19 Transmissible, thus from Animals To Humans? Find out

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The Hiding secret to prevent the deadly Coronavirus disease.

I want to use this opportunity to greet all members of ARS here.

Actually I can’t tell what is forcing me to work on what I am coming to tell you all here.

It keeps on reminding me on pressing hard on it and explaining it to the understanding of the last person and I am not free at all.

Brethren, I have work on this assignment anytime anywhere to be free from that pressure.

I am poised to go to any information centers as well in order to teach this pressing remedy and hiding cure to the fearful CORONAVIRUS.

I have started it on Radio station ( Afram fm 103.3mhz) and my Facebook page ( bright Gborglahbright) and YouTube ( Gadeka tv)

I am please urging everybody here too to take part in the spreading of the message.

The deadly Coronavirus is from China and research has proven that CHINESE are type of people who don’t discriminate in eating anything they come across.

They eat anything and that is why God has reigned such punishment on them.

I called it earthly punishment because let’s us not forget that there are some punishment that one gets from what ever sin he or she committed on Earth and then there is eternal punishment that is hell fire 🔥 after judgement.

Now God in His own wisdom has spoken to Moses to tell his people about what type of fishes, busy animals, domestic animals and birds to eat in Lev. 11:1 – going read very well and take note. It is our manual.

God also spoke about the type of food to be eaten as well in Deuteronomy 14:3-going also read carefully.

Now Chinese has refused to follow these instructions given by God to his people and so the Almighty God is punishing them and not them alone but those countries that also eat anything they come across without caution.

Please when try to speak about this, there are religious denomination that will use some excuse statement that the OLD TESTAMENT is off no use again.

Please tell them and quote them John 5:45-47
That answered them most.

But the truth is no amount of care or medication can cure or protect us Ghanaians from such deadly Coronavirus disease but we must avoid eating anything they come across without considering the will of God to Moses about Animals and food to be eaten.

Prevention is better than cure as it is said,

Let’s spread the message till it reach the last destination.

God bless you all for your time.

Wovenu Fe Mawu n3 nornyi kpli mikata.

Gborglah Bright Gadeka
(Torgbui Gadeka)
Broadcast journalist

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