The Enemy Of A Teacher, Is Always A Teacher, It Is Time To Tell The “Teacher” To Help The Teacher



A staff member yesterday becomes a Headteacher tomorrow and he sees himself different from his own staff members.

When a Headteacher is promoted to become a Circuit Supervisor (SISO), he looks down upon the Headteacher because he has graduated to the level GES Management staff.
If you need his service at a point in time, you must “grease” his palm because he has now been converted to a different class.

Interestingly, the Director himself remains a teacher except that his working environment has been shifted.

It is very common and painful that when a Teacher is promoted to serve, he sees his Subordinates as Servants.

Politicians are always boasting that Ghana is a Democratic Country and stands tall in Africa in terms of Peaceful Elections. They least give credit to Teachers.

If all teachers agreed to fight for our right, another teacher will be a traitor to betray us.

Most of the Front Line Officers in many Institutions are teachers including CAGD.
“Computers” at Controller are fast at detecting Over payments and double payments of teacher’s salary.
It is quite strange that the same “Computers” cannot store teacher’s data that have captured few months back.
How many times does the Software want to capture teacher’s data on Legacy Arrears?

What at all has the teacher done to suffer like this?
Is it because we sell our services too “Cheap” to our Pay Masters???

It is time to tell the “Teacher” to help the Teacher.


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