The Bitter Truth Amidst COVID 19.

The Bitter Truth Amidst COVID 19.


Gborglah Bright Gadeka

(Torgbui Gadeka)

Afram Fm 103.3mhz

Mpu Ne Mpu
Socio-political show Host

I have come to realized that after this VIRUS has been dealt with, our leaders and the ordinary Ghanaians will learn a lot.

The following are the realizations and side of the story:

  1. Embezzlement of money

  2. Corruption

  3. Bribery

  4. Lack of continuity

  5. Acceptance or approval of laws that are against both the Qur’an and Bible, for example gay, lesbianism and others.

I hope this VIRUS was brought to revive our sense of humour as rational human beings to realize our mistakes and sins.

Why am I saying this? Because this disease does know the rich and the poor, whereby those who accumulated States money will say health professionals ” i have money so treat me first before the poor or treat the rich and exclude the poor ” this is termed by me as equality before infection.

Ghana as a Nation has leaders, the so called politicians who doesn’t respect the State’s properties, if they had done the right thing with the State’s money, we would have developed more and more than today.

Taking into instances; there would have not been people without houses for people to sleep, lack of water, toilets in even our Capital City.

When money is directed to them, I mean those politicians who now turned to be Men of God during the national fasting and prayers day observation, they misuse it instead of using it for the appropriate task, some also divide those money into some percentage into their accounts thereby doing shoding works in the country.

This tells me that any reasonable leader who misused the State’s Fund would realize their mistakes even those dead and gone leaders.
My thourghly investigation also indicated that some constituencies, Districts are been neglected of common words of encouragement, motivation and hand sanitizer From their Parliamentary Candidates both NDC and NPP respectively.

Meanwhile this is the time their electorates need their support. Some don’t even know what Veronica bucket is as well as achohol base sanitizer. The politicians are no where to be found but when it is campaign time, those inhumane politicians will come to their door steps to beg them with unnecessary items like achoholic drinks, machetes, t-shirt and others.

People of Afram plains south Constituency, Fanteakwa south and North are proven to be a victims.

There alot of constituencies suffering from such cancar those are just few of them.

Those countries who accepted gay and lesbian are now crying and calling on GOD forgotten that they have gone against His will.

Same thing happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Humans want to use their limited knowledge to change what God Himself talked about since the creation of the universe and they call it modern world, now modern Viruses are coming let’s embrace it.

God is Who He is, He wants Man to realize He is not okay with our ways, thinking and living.

I suggest we all have to wear red and black clothes as we used to do during mourning a dead relatives and cry loud onto God for forgiveness of our wrong doings and pray for forgiveness for some days as God directed the people of Niniway to do.

Let’s continue praying especially seek for forgiveness and He will Surelly forgive us.

God bless Our Home Land Ghana.

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