The Agony Of The Teacher Trainees Over The Closure Of School Until Further Notice, ”Teacher Trainee Hints”.

The Agony Of The Teacher Trainees Over The Closure Of School Until Further Notice, ''Teacher Trainee Hints''.

Few hours after deliberating the State of Emergency declared by the President of the Republic – leading to the closure of schools until further notice – with my Principal who finally said the President has spoken, I became silent.
During my silence, I pondered over the effects of this emergency with respect to education, especially in the Colleges of Education. Suddenly, I became sorry while reflecting on the yields of CETAG STRIKE ACTION during the first semester of the first batch of the B.ED Program of the 2018/19 Academic Year.
As the old adage goes, “asono mmienu nya ntokwa a, wuram nnua na ɛberɛ”.
The CETAG Strike Action was a major factor that led to the abysmal performance of the First Batch of Teacher Trainees under the Four-Year-Bachelor of Education Program and this led to the mass withdrawal of students. Hence, this made the B.ED Program seemed unpopular. To elaborate, after the CETAG Strike Action had been called off, classes resumed and teacher trainees suffered the cause of lecturers trying to implement a new educational reform which they seemed to have low knowledge about it under pressure. As it is said, only the fittest survives, those trainees who were able to endure and manage the pressure excelled while the others tried their best to sustain but could not fit and had to be withdrawn not because was incapable but because circumstance availed it.
The occurrence of the mass withdrawal of teacher trainees became the nightmare of trainees and discouraged and disappointed many too.
Once bitten, twice shy as always said, I believe students may jubilate not because they are going to stay home but because they are tired of the pressure our system of education comes with; yet, they would soon ponder about what happens after schools resume.
This is the most important reason why I am writing this article to appeal to the Institute of Education (UCC), PRINCOF, Lecturers and other stakeholders to:
1. Make available to students handouts for the interrupted semester in the form of PDF;
2. Provide online lectures for students while they are at home waiting for further notice; and
3. Also use other media necessary to get in touch with students while at home for academics to continue.
We are in the technological world now and everything is possible. I believe by doing so we can altogether prevent the occurrence of what happened to the first batch of the B.ED Program in the 2018/19 Academic Year.

Other than that, how many days we spend at home should lead to extension of the academic calendar to complement the race course for the semester.

It is my humble prayer that the Lord becomes our refuge in dying times like this so that we live to see the Better Ghana we have forever hoped for.

Long Live Ghana!!!


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