Teachers Hate Attending PLC Meetings Because Of Shyness

Teachers Hate Attending PLC Meetings Because Of Shyness


Before you decide to either agree or disagree with my assertion, let’s know what PLC means first?

PLC is an abbreviation for Professional Learning Community. According to Wikipedia, it’s a method to foster collaborative learning among colleagues within a particular working environment or field.

It is often used in schools as a way to organize teachers into working groups of practice-based professional learning.

The introduction of the new Standards Based Curriculum came with some key reforms and Professional Learning Community is one of them.

The PLC according to the new curriculum is to be conducted once every week. Precisely, the last one hour before closing time on Wednesdays. Every school is supposed to have a Curriculum Leader appointed by the School Head who will be responsible for coordinating activities of PLCs.

But it will interest you to know that, ever since the introduction of the new curriculum and it’s reforms, some schools have never held any PLC meeting. I was shocked when I mentioned PLC to a colleague last week and he asked me, ” What is that one too? ”

Anyways, that’s just by the way, let’s talk about the schools that are doing it.

On a normal day, one would not expect a teacher who is always standing in front of students to teach to feel shy of crowd. But interesting, the situation is the direct opposite.

Let me surprise you. I personally started noticing this strange behavior among my colleagues during USAID LEARNING WORKSHOP. That workshop which lasted three years involved a lot of lesson practice.

During that program, teachers will be learning very well with smiles on their faces but as soon as it’s time for lesson practice, some teachers will pretend to be sick, some will run away unnoticed, others will fown their faces as if they are angry, some will not come at all on the days that there would be lesson practice, only few teachers does the lesson presentations without shyness. Some colleagues would go to the front and be shaking and shivering like a day old chick that has fallen into a kerosene. And I’m like, how come? The most surprising thing is that, some old teachers who have been teaching for ages and are almost reaching retirement are also victims.

That one has passed, and here we are with another program similar to the learning program and the same old strange behavior is recurring.

Come to think of it, on Wednesday, students close an hour earlier and go home so that teachers can have peace of mind to learn for the next one hour.
The PLC time is within the working hours, which means, if not for the sake of PLC meeting, teachers would obviously be in the classrooms with the children by that same time teaching or doing other things. So whats the big deal?

It’s obvious that they hate the PLC and feel reluctant to attend simply because, during the meeting, they would be asked to work in pairs or in groups, and also to stand in front of their colleagues to present their work. You will see colleague teachers finding various flimsy excuses to absent themselves.

Don worry, I also try to find the I reasons behind the strange behavior. Enough evidence has pointed to the fact that, its not our fault, but rather it’s the old education system and the methods used to teach and assess us.

That is why the new curriculum seeks to develop one key Core competency in both teachers and students that’s COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION. The most reason why it encourages group Work and Presentation as a method of teaching and assessment to help students and also brought about PLC to help teachers.

The core competencies of the new curriculum are for both teachers and students. Let’s encourage one another and let’s achieve the Global Citizenship. You can’t give to someone, what you don’t have.

Jerry Akporhor – Teacher
Ag secretary- educate Ghana Summit

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