Takoradi: Man jailed 15 years for defiling, impregnating his daughter.

Takoradi: Man jailed 15 years for defiling, impregnating his daughter

Takoradi Man who was jailed 15 years for defiling, impregnating his daughter

A Takoradi Circuit Court presided over by Justice Abigail Anima Asare has sentenced a 42-year-old father, Kwesi Botwe to a 15-year prison term with hard labour for defiling her 15-year-old daughter and impregnating her.

Kwesi Botwe, unemployed who is a resident of Apremdo near Takoradi, was charged with two counts of defilement and incest following a complaint by his wife, Faustina Eshun, with whom he has about six children including the victim was defiled by the father, the 15-year-old daughter.

His wife in 2018 got to know or found out that their daughter was pregnant and upon questioning, the victim accused her father, Kwesi Botwe and her elder sister’s husband, Daniel Kwofie, who is at large as responsible.

When Kwesi Botwe was questioned, admitted having sexual intercourse with the daughter but was not responsible for the pregnancy.

Botwe was reported to the Kwesimintsim Police station where he admitted to the offence and was arrested.

Philip Fiifi Backman, who represented Botwe in court, pleaded the court for mercy since the suspect did not waste the court’s time with his admission.

The lawyer also argued that his client was a young man with several years ahead of him, and being a first-time offender, prayed the court for mercy as a Christmas gift.

The Presiding Judge, despite agreeing with the counsel to grant Botwe some mercy, said defilement was a serious crime and overlooked the plea sentencing Kwesi Botwe to 15 years in prison with hard labor for his first charge of defilement of a female under age 16 and another sentence of 15 years of imprisonment with hard labor for his second charge of Incest, but to be served concurrently. Lets not blame the father also that much but rather we must find out what leads to this, because this young girl deserves better than this but its already happened and nothing can be done about it than to encourage this young girl so she can still be strong and continue with her ambitions, she has to also continue with her education and get where she has always dreamt to be we know its not going to be easy but all is well.