Reasons Why Some Students Disrespect Their Teachers, Teachers Should Put An End To These Things


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Teaching is a calling just like the work of God, like preaching one cannot do preaching without actually teaching, they walk together and become great together. Teaching is the only job that is not selfish or self centered because teachers give what they have to their learners, all what they know they give it to their learners and it’s also the only job in which the teacher expects the learner to become greater than him the teacher in the future.

All other jobs that we do, you will always be in competition with other people. Teachers do not compete with their students, they only want to see their students do better even more than them. But there are times that both teachers and students lost it when it comes to showing respect to one another. Respect we say, is reciprocal. You respect me, I respect you. But the focus will be on why students sometimes show acts of arrogance to their teachers, someone they should learn from, someone they should be submissive to and tap into their anointing.

Don’t be worried that I used “anointing” because I made you aware that teaching and preaching are both callings from above. The reasons why teachers are sometimes not respected by their students are enumerated below.

To begin with, some teachers sometimes do not respect their students. They see them as small or not worthy of respected simply because they’re under their tutelage but that shouldn’t be the case. Like I said, respect is reciprocal. When you respect your student, he or she will surely respect you in return. Even our kids at home, when you disrespect them they’ll do same to you and you’ll be shocked to the marrow. The same applies to our students in school.

Secondly, some teachers also engage in sexual relationships with their female students. When teachers who are supposed to be setting the pace for their learners end up falling into the trap of their gullible female students, they lose the respect of such students. The worse of it is that those students will end up telling the “secret” to their male friends and students and the so called secret becomes a public topical issue.

This must be discouraged immediately because the future of these young girls are mostly jeopardized. Because you as a teacher have shown your nakedness to your female student and the next day you stand in front of that student to teach her and you think if that girl is misbehaving in class and you punish her she won’t disclose your so called “secret”? She will not be attentive in class because all she sees is your nakedness the previous day you had sex with her. This is so bad and it does not augur well for anyone at all.

In addition, the way teachers dress speaks volumes about those teachers. You are what you wear. Who you are is revealed in what you wear. Some Teachers actually do not care about what they wear.

It shouldn’t continue like this. Proper dressing forms part of teaching because the students will end up copying the dressing you always wear to class. When you dress badly, the students will think it’s actually good and they turn to copy it.

As a teacher, you must not even wear too colourful dresses to class. Such dressing takes attention of the students away from what you’re teaching. Let your dressing teach the students as well because teaching is about everything, every aspect of the teacher must be teaching positivity to our students and the community at large.

Imagine a preacher standing in front of the pulpit dressed shabbily, what’s he communicating? So you see just like the preachers, the case of a teacher is not different. Let’s command the respect of our learners and the community at large through our outfits.

Finally, some students are naturally and genetically disrespectful. Thoses ones, you need to organize deliverance service for them.

In a nutshell, let us remember that teaching is about the three domains: the affective, the psychomotor, and the cognitive domains. Add yours in the comments section.

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