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Reasons Why B.E.C.E Must Be Abolished With Immediate Effect

Reasons Why B.E.C.E Must Be Abolished With Immediate Effect
Reasons Why B.E.C.E Must Be Abolished With Immediate Effect


AG. Dir. Research and Policy

Ghana has come a long way in its educational sector; from the Form “4” through to the “O” and “A” levels to what we have today. Today, our educational system has been divided into 3 main categories; Basic (Preschool to JHS), High School and Tertiary.

With this kind of system, one’s chances in climbing to the High school level is solely dependent on his/her basic school results.

What is more hurting is that those that are considered qualified to progress in their academics are further drilled or compelled to re-memorize all the things they’ve learned in all the 9 subjects right from preschool through to JHS 3 of which a particular 5 days is set aside to pronounce judgement on whether the pupils were able to reproduce exactly what were in the books or not.

This 5 days is used to write external exam in all the 9 subjects and the result used to determine who progresses to the High school and who drops out to join the earlier drop outs. Isn’t that sad?

How on earth do we use 5 days to test these kids in 9 subjects and go ahead in using that unrepresented result to spell their future? Many pupils have their future killed at this juncture since anything can happen to them within these 5 days of judgement.

Further, since the result of the exam is the only thing that is hailed and the only passport to High school, one cannot expect anything different from excessive malpractices during the B.E.C.E;_schools, teachers, parents as well as pupils overtly and covertly engage in all sorts of examination malpractices simply to make their schools, teachers and their result slips look praiseworthy.

The pupils are so much corrupted at this level that the carryover effect is doubled in the High school. What else do we expect when such pupils grow to become leaders? Are our schools not producing smart criminals? How do we fight corruption when we keep to this failed system of education?

Why put the rural folks with no electricity, no internet, no TV, no teachers, no books etc on the same grading scale with the city dwellers with all the resources available to them? Why discriminate against such pupils in the hinterlands?

Aren’t they citizens worthy of quality education too? Why use exams results to deny the rural folks access to the best High schools? Is that the best we can do for such citizens?

What even breaks the camels back is the most unfair SHS placement thing. How do you classify the High schools into 4 main categories, namely; Cat. A, B, C and E… (with Cat.

A being the elite or most resourced schools, Cat. B being the averagely resourced schools, Cat. C being poorly resourced schools and Cat. E being Technical/Vocational) so that pupils with poor grades that rather need fully resourced schools to turn their performance around are rather placed in the poorly poor schools.

Why have we created a system that prevents students with poor results from entering the well resourced schools? Why do we place these slow learners or poor graders in a rather poor schools to make them come out poorer than they entered?

What good are we doing to ourselves and the students?

Why can’t students with aggregate 15 to 30 enrol in the elite schools? Are they not the ones that rather need such well resourced schools the most?

How do we place these so-called poor graders in such horrible schools to go and study science?

Why do we place those with better grades in the well resourced schools when they are the ones that can actually survive and make it in the poorly resourced schools?

Due to this unfair situation, majority of these slow learners placed in the poor schools either end up dropping out or successfully fail the WASSCE. Majority of these graduands become social burden while few are left with no option than to spend another 3 years learning a skill job which otherwise could have been learnt right after JHS.

What do we do?
1. To reduce corruption and avoid all the above cankers in our educational system, we Educate Ghana Summit suggest that B.E.C.E be expunged from our educational system with immediate effect! Basic school should start from Preschool through to the High school. In this case, there will be no unfair “chew and pour” competition in our various schools and classrooms hence reducing the stress, depression and inferiority complex that comes with test results within that age bracket.

  1. a. It will also help in fair placement of grade 9 (JHS 3) students to the various SHSs across the country without any prior qualification. How did we know that it will be fair? Simply because no test result shall be used in the distribution of the students to the High schools hence no one will know the academic strength of the students they are placing in a particular school.

b. Yes, it cannot eradicate the institutionalized corruption in the system but it is undebatable that it shall afford many of the rural folks (like myself) the chance to also attend some of the best High Schools in the country without having to pay any bribes.

  1. Continuous schooling to S.H.S will prevent the corruption that arise during the B.E.C.E. This means our youngsters wouldn’t be involved in corruption throughout their 14-16 year period of stay in Basic School.

  2. The B.E.C.E certificate is empty so why waste lots of money in organizing such exam only to get a useless certificate that qualifies you for nothing in the real world? WASSCE certificate is quite useful hence the need to focus on that as the basic certificate that all citizens must acquire. B.E.C.E certificate has no value hence it must be abolished now!

āœšŸ¾Akoto Prosper DyonšŸ‡¬šŸ‡­
Dir. Research and Policy


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