Reasons To Ghana’s Hike On Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

Reasons To Ghana's Hike On Confirmed Covid-19 Cases
Reasons To Ghana's Hike On Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

What Actually Triggered The Increase In Reported Cases In Ghana.

It is very sad, pathetic, disheartening and worrisome the rate at which the reported cases of this novel COVID -19 keep rising at a very fast pace. If Ghanaians were to be law – abiding by complying with the government’s directives, all these couldn’t have resulted.

The question which lingers on the mouth of the masses is what has triggered the increase in reported cases and the answer is not far – fetched.
Firstly, all would bear with me that the first point of contact of this Coronavirus was at the airport, where our loved ones and other foreigners who returned from their trip abroad landed. Most of these people were not tested and were allowed free entry into the country.

Though contact tracing is being held but that is not enough. Most of these workers at our airports were made to be at home without being quarantined or tested. So, assuming without admitting that a worker at the port or airport unknowingly contracted the virus, the possibility of infecting others with it is very high.

Furthermore , if Ghanaians are to be law – abiding as shown in the picture below as it is happening in India, the number wouldn’t have been too much. Ghanaians must be serious and not to joke with the pandemic, for it is real.
Another critical area we must also look at is the rate at which we go about sharing the foods.

The procedure has negated the policy of social distance. If the modus operandi of distributing the food items or the packed foods is not transformed, Ghana would be the Italy or the United States of Africa.
Fellow Ghanaians, let us do well to prevent ourselves and family from this disease and also be ambassadors of it.

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