Prepare For A Lockdown Soon, How Prepared Are We.

LOCKDOWN IS A NECESSARY EVIL ''what should be done'', Dir. Policy and Research .



The W.H.O has warned that Africa should prepare for the worst hit as the virus spreads on the continent. Yes, there is no cure for Coronavirus hence has succeeded in bringing many advanced countries to their humble knees. In a prayer economy like ours, what is going to happen should the virus lose chains?

As we write, our beloved country has recorded 19 positive cases with over 600 successful contact tracing done so far. Looking at things, it only takes a common sense to know that there are many more out of the 600 contacts traced that have tested positive but are yet to be announced. Three out of the 19 cases are of community spread hence it is undebatable that many more people have been infected in our communities but are yet to show symptoms. This calls for a radically rapid and tough decision to be taken by our president in consultation with the experts in no distant time.

What is more dangerous and threatening at the moment is not the death rate of the virus but the speed with which it is going to spread in our communities. It is estimated that one infected person can spread the virus to about 4500 people within two weeks even before he/she shows any symptoms.

Further, our beloved Ghana is estimated to record over 32,000 infected persons within the next 30 days, said by the Director of Ghana Health Service. With this figure in mind, which can quadruple even within same month or two, a lockdown of the country is the only logical thing to do now. Any further delay shall swell the numbers.

Yes, the government has closed down schools, churches and mosques’ activities throughout the country, yet it is never enough to reduce the community spread of the virus hence a call for a total lockdown of all activities in the country now! This is a tough decision to take but trust me, we’ve come to a crossroad and the decision, without any doubt, must and shall be taken by leadership soon. Just prepare. Everyone must be forced to stay indoors till further notice.
Yes, it will bring hunger, hardship, and few are likely to lose their lives during this lockdown period but trust me, it’s the only best option for our president to take now. You better prepare yourself! All shops and markets, transportation systems, chop bars, public offices (except the very sensitive ones like the security forces and health services) shall be locked down soonest to pave way for a reduction in the community spread.

This is what our president should be announcing soon…and it is the only logical way to keep the virus under control.

It must be noted that from the day the announcement shall be made, anyone seen outside shall be dealt with rigorously according to law. You can only go out under certain spelt out conditions.

My mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, this is why we’re telling you not to waste time; don’t sit aloof till you’re taking aback. Prepare yourself enough for this. Get some few stuffs at home ; food stuffs, groceries, and water (save some water) to keep you through the few weeks ahead of us. Don’t doubt this; don’t waste the golden opportunity! Just prepare for the lockdown soon! Don’t be surprised should our president take this wise decision soon; it shall be for our own collective safety!

Remember, we are not putting this out there to put fear in you; rather we are doing so simply because a fact-based alarm is far better than a hope-based calm. Yes, don’t panic; all you need to do is to get some few groceries and foodstuffs down to survive on till the lockdown is over.

Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo, Tunisia, Algeria and other African countries are likely to follow soon if not sooner, if the spread continues.

It is our greatest hope that none of us is put down by this virus. Let us all follow the safety precautions given out by the experts so we can all survive this trying moment.
Thank you

✍🏾Akoto Prosper Dyon🇬🇭
Dir. Policy and Research
Security Analyst

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