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Physicians Assistants Complained Bitterly Over Lack Of PPEs

Physicians Assistants Complained Bitterly Over Lack Of PPEs


Physicians Assistants Complained Bitterly Over Lack Of PPEs

How can u give just 1 , single one box of disposable glove which contains just hundred pieces of disposable gloves and like manner to a whole district with a municipal hospital and many health Centres manned by Physician assistants?

The Ghana Physician Assistants Association, Central region (GPAA, central) and Physician Assistants (PAs) fraternity wish to use this medium to commend the Government/Health Ministry (MOH), all PAs and other health workers and orderlies working in Ghana health sector for their collective efforts to help combat the covid-19 pandemic.

Globally, there is an increasing call for concern for welfare, safety and some remunerations for all health professionals for the unique roles they play regularly in providing
essential health services to their citizens and foreigners since outbreak of covid-19.

According association Chairman Dr, Robbert Awudey said, Government of Ghana (MOH) is doing its best with regards to this laudable Special Life Insurance (SLI), we are of the view that you can go beyond and not focus on the welfare of only cross-section of health workers deployed (constituted/trained as Covid-19 pandemic response team).

According to him, the Covid-19 viral infection transmission chain to be established in the hospitals setting, it will start from staff at records of Out Patients Department (OPD), where patients take their cards/folders, and continues at OPD history taking and assessment area, the Consulting rooms, Laboratory, Pharmacy/Dispensary, etc. including our orderlies who make sure the hospital environment is cleaned.

“If it happens that any asymptomatic or suspected Covid-19 patient is missed by any of these health
professionals in this chain, it means all health workers who might have come in contact with or exposed
to such patient are at high risk of getting infected.

In this chain protocol, all health professionals are
interdependent on each other in the team spirit and so every health worker can be exposed to the
same risks as those deployed.

Our Proposals to the Government/MOH

  1. SLI should cover all PAs and other health professionals working at all level of Primary health care facilities without any discrimination.

  2. The details of the SLI package such as the monthly premium (rate) per each health worker, validity
    period of cover, sum assured, etc., should be specified in the appropriate documentation.

  3. There should be remuneration package (risk allowances) for all health workers.

  4. We also encourage the MOH to facilitate training of remaining health workers to strengthen all Health workforce to be able to completely overcome the covid-19 pandemic in Ghana.

  5. Providing adequate PPE to combat the pandemic very paramount, due to insufficient or lack of adequate PPE in most Health facilities especially Health Centres where most PAs operate (head) in sub districts, since horizontal (community) infections of Covid-19 is likely to increase.

  6. Other: Possibly reducing working hours per week for all health workers including PAs to reduce a lots of stress, thereby reducing their risks of exposure to covid-19 infection. (PPE: Personal Protective Equipmen).

The Government (MoH) has pledged to ensure the welfare of all health workers in helping to combat this pandemic, and so we are of the view that the current state of SLI package will definitely not
encourage all other health professionals (including PAs) exempted from enjoying this SLI
package to give off their best to fight the pandemic.

We are therefore calling on the Government (MOH) to consider reviewing the package to cover all
health professionals.

We are also encouraging everyone to continue to observe all the protocols already in place by the
Government/MOH aimed at halting the horizontal spread of Covid-19 infection, eliminating the
pandemic and preserving lives.

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