NTC Issues Warning To 2019 Trained Teachers About The Recent Online Forms.


This news was  moving across various WhatsApp platforms and asking 2019 trained teachers to fill such form as a requirement from the NTC. 

The form carried the heading POSTING OF NEWLY-TRAINED DIPLOMA IN BASIC EDUCATION TEACHERS, 2019-YEAR GROUP GRADUATES via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSduoyQM_Qulnur4R938n-lEEGwMBZu1AT787FGUWPF9EFYcJg/viewform

Information from the the IT department of the National Teaching Council to inquire about the authenticity of such a form.

The NTC denied claims of such form and said it fake.

Our sources, however, indicate that the form was created by St Monica’s college of education but do not know how authentic such a form is.

Students of St Monica’s College of Education are advised to consult their college before filing such a form.

Credit: GHjuice

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