NTC Ghana Teachers Licensure Exams 2020 Registration Process/Procedure.



NTC Ghana Teachers Licensure Exams 2020 Registration Process/Procedure.

1.Visit any GCB branch across the country.

2.Pick SMART PAY form at the banking hall and complete the form.

3.After completing the form, write on top of the SMART PAY form as FRESH APPLICANT in order to differentiate between you and the resit applicants.

4.The amount to be paid would still be Ghc 220.00 if nothing changes.

5.Fill the name and the name of institution column as your name and either your college name or NTC(Licensure examination).

6.NB:You can pay for your friend and register for your friend (ie) A friend can send you her or her money to you to fill
and pay for you on your behalf.

7.You would be given a PAYMENT VOUCHER by the Teller or cashier with your SERIAL NUMBER and PIN on it after the payment.

8.After you have been the payment voucher at the bank by the Teller, kindly visit any internet cafee to complete your online registration.NB: Take along your passport picture to the internet cafee when going to do your online registration other than that extra charges would be incured when you take a passport picture at the cafee.

9.After completing the form online and submitted it,a print out form would be given to you

10.NB: Remember to go to the examination hall with both your GCB PAYMENT VOUCHER and NTC TIME TABLE (ie) the print out given to you else you won’t be allow to enter the examination hall let alone writing the exams.

The print out/NTC time table consist of:
A.Exams ID.eg:GTLE/PWCE/0587/20B
B.Candidate’s name
C.Exams year
D.College index number
E.Date printed
F .Confirmation Status
G.Licensure exams timetable (Course name, exams date and time).

10.Please don’t throw away or misplace both your payment voucher and NTC TIME TABLE because you would need those information to check your results when the results are out and keep in mind or write the email that you would use to register so that in case you misplace both your GCB PAYMENT VOUCHER and NTC TIME TABLE you can use the email to check your results.

Thank you

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