NEWS IN: Updates On UEW:- University Of Education 2020/2021 Admissions



“Our Admission for the year 2020 will surely be released. Those who are speculating that the Admissions will be in January 2021 are wrong.

UEW admissions are coming out hopefully from first week of November 2020.

In view of that, all our applicants are to exercise patience as we engage the government on the modalities needed to commence next academic year.

All our Admissions are ready for release pending needed deliberations. Hopefully from November, our qualified applicants would hear from us.

NB: We have noted some few applicants who mistakenly applied as Direct/Post Diploma instead of mature.

All such applicants would be contacted soon to complete necessary conditions required to be offered a chance to take the mature entrance exams.

There are those who could not take part in the entrance exams. All such persons have had their details noted. They would be offered a chance to take the exams soon.

Those who could not meet the entry requirements for their programmes of choice would be considered for other programmes in which they may qualify.

But if the results do not meet up with the entry requirements of any of our programmes, we would be left with no option than to wish you well in your future academic endeavours.

Such persons would be advised on possible steps to take to enhance their chances in subsequent years.

By this message, you are also reminded to be careful of the activities of unscrupulous persons whose intentions are to dupe applicants of their monies with the assurance of Admissions. Please take note and don’t be deceived.

Sale of Direct/Post Diploma forms are ongoing till 15th October, 2020.

Awaiting forms are available. So anyone who is interested but not sure if he/she will qualify can verify their results before applying.

After 15th October, 2020, all our Admission applications will end and we would finalise all our Admissions.

Do remember that UEW offers you moderate fees and better learning options. Just wait for us to get to you soon.

For our continuing students, the date for reopening school would be officially communicated when deliberations are completed. We know you are eager to return to school.

But remember that UEW is a law-abiding institution that seeks to follow due processes and procedures to protect the interest of all our stakeholders, of which our students are of high consideration.

Keep preparing financially because it is possible the announcement to resume academic work may come with a short notice.

Hear from us soon

Source: The university radio.

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