NEWS IN: Not Every Teacher Qualifies For Responsibility and Continuous Professional Teachers Allowance – NAPO

Top Ghana News Headlines For Today Saturday 14th November 2020
Top Ghana News Headlines For Today Saturday 14th November 2020

NEWS IN: Not Every Teacher Qualifies For Responsibility and Professional Allowance – NAPO

The Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh popularly known as NAPO has finally and openly cleared the air that, not every teacher in the sector qualifies to be paid Responsibility Allowance.

According to the Minister, there are 350,00 Ghana Education staffs on the pay roll and only a total of 35,512 staffs qualify for the Responsibility Allowance.


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He added that, there are nine categories of workers in the Ghana Education Service who qualify for Responsibility Allowance.

These Categories Of Workers Include;

* Heads of Basic Schools

* Heads of Secondary Schools

* Assistance Heads of Secondary Schools

* Form Masters

* Chaplain of Institutions

* Imams of Institutions

* Unit Directors in the District Education Offices

In view of that, there are 35,512 workers in these categories stated above across the country.


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” The Responsibility Allowance is not paid base on teachers rank in the service”, he added.

He made this pronouncement during an interview on JAMAN Radio 103.7

It may appears new and shocking to some newly posted trained teachers and some of the in-service teachers though, but as the saying goes, ” a simple truth is always told to people who worth it”.

Watch the interview here, start from the 60th minutes where he said all these.

He also went on to say that the professional allowance is for those who worked for it. He said per the agreement signed the continuous professional allowance is for those who attends workshops.


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For you to qualify for the continuous teachers professional allowance every in service must at least four times in a year attend upgrading meeting, and every Wednesday in the afternoon in him or her school they must organize a professional learning community, so if you dont go for you to get marked each time you attend you won’t be given any allowance. And its this same method you will use to renew/change your license when it expires, when your license get expired and you don’t renew it, you wont be recruited by GES take note.

So if you don’t attend the Continuous Teachers professional allowance meetings you don’t qualify for it.


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10 days ago

This leaders are quite right but must be done gradually, the conditions attached to teaching is be coming too much, is that what pertains in other professions,let wait n see how things unfold, too much stress n pressure in GES,hmmmmm

Mrs Asante
Mrs Asante
10 days ago

This will be not be fair. The Coordinator s and circuit supervisor”s use their own money for transport to supervise and monitors schools in their district without the government given them any allowances for their fuel and transportation.They play a very important role in the educational sector but yet they are neglected.How much is the teachers salary that those rendering such serviced travel all round the schools in their municipal or district without any allowances. The government should look into this.

cole daniel
cole daniel
9 days ago

If that is case, howcome all teachers in assistant director l, did not receive.

Does it mean all ADI dont fall under the nine categories he mentioned .

Komba Cyrus
Komba Cyrus
9 days ago

I am a basic head but did not receive the professional allowance


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