New Teachers’ Bill To Be Pass By Parliament, Bluff Of The Union.

New Teachers' Bill To Be Pass By Parliament, Bluff Of The Union.


Teaching profession is undergoing revolution and all teachers in the fraternity must brace themselves for the change. Change they say is very good but sometimes comes with a lot of discomfort. In whichever way we see it, change is a one-time risk that can produce a positive outcome when giving the necessary attention.

In the wake of new Teachers’ Bill prepared by the Ministry of Education to be passed by parliament, four teacher unions namely GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU and CCT-GH had come out with a press release to register their displeasure towards the new bill. According to them

(1) They were not consulted in the entire drafting of the policy

(2) The decentralization elements in the bill is detrimental to the prospects of teachers and the future of education in this country (3) the fact that GES will be stripped off of its autonomy over education management.

In addition to these concerns, there are numerous calculated attempt to put into the public domain lies (tainted with dirty politics) that are far below intellectual discourse

(1) Teachers remuneration will be based on the assembly’s ability to pay

(2) Employment of teachers will be determined by the strength of the assembly (3) the bill when passed will destroy the gains of teachers have made over the years

(4) DCE can sack or employ at will

(5) If the districts run out money, no salaries will be paid to teachers

(6) Inter-District and Regional will not be possible

We in the Educate Teachers Forum (EDUTEF) find this posture of the unions to be highly incongruous and the various issues raised are dishonest ways to discredit something that the details of it is yet to be known to teachers.

We ask that if the unions are being truthful, why they wouldn’t put the details of the bill out for every teacher to read for himself or herself to ascertain whether indeed the bill is detrimental to the prospects of teachers as they are trying to paint.

We ask again that what the concern of the unions is when government decides to dissolve GES. GES had been the problem of teachers since day one and one will wonder why teachers unions will defend GES over government’s decision to dissolve it. Many teachers want GES dissolve and I think it is in the best interest now rather than kicking against it.

EDUTEF wants to caution teachers to be weary of their union leaders as they are being totally dishonest with the credible information available. One, the unions are afraid that the decentralization aspect of the bill will come to end their empire of amazing wealth and property as various smaller associations will spring up to negotiate directly with their employers. Thus, conditions of service will not be the bane of particular unions anymore with GES but with the District assemblies and the regional coordinating council and smaller teacher groups.

Besides, the unions had no business to criticize government for not inviting them on the drafting of the policy. The policy was funded by the international organization and highly qualified consultants were hired to study similar policies in different countries to be replicated in Ghana. This is a government bill and it does not need teacher unions to finalize a policy.

Teachers must disregard the bluff and taunting of the teacher unions and painstakingly look for the bill and read and see how beneficial it is until siding with their leaders blindly.

Once again, EDUTEF will continue to educate teachers on this new Bill and to assure teachers that very soon the details of the Bill will be put out for every teacher to read the benefits of the policy and ignore the nay say of stomach led union leaders who never see the light in anything positive government does.

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