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‘Implement JHS New Curriculum With All Seriousness It Deserve’

'Implement JHS New Curriculum With All Seriousness It Deserve'

NaCCA, MOE and GES should put all jokes and politics aside and implement the COMMON CORE PROGRAM /JHS NEW CURRICULUM with all the seriousness it deserves.

The DRAFT for the JHS standards based curriculum is already out for further engagement and onwards implementation.

Meanwhile, the primary curriculum implementation is currently on its knees though it looks splendid on paper. The training was not sufficient enough. Teachers were demotivated because of poor feeding and intentions to tax the small allowances at training work, no texbook, insufficient curriculum and no teaching and learning materials. We can keep doing the same thing and be expecting different results. It’s high time things change for the better.

The Learning context for the CCP

The CCP places emphasis on engagement of learners in the classroom activities, projects (in and outside the classrooms). These projects can
involve individual or group tasks which all learners are required to complete by the end of Basic 10. The CCP project provides learners with
contexts to demonstrate creativity and inventiveness in various areas of human endeavour. Community service offers opportunity for learners to
nurture, love and care for their community and solve problems in the community.
Learning Areas
The CCP comprises the following subjects:
1. Languages (English, Ghanaian Languages, French, Arabic)
2. Mathematics
3. Science
4. Career technology and Design
5. Career Technology
6. Social Studies
7. Computing
8. Religious and Moral Education (RME)
9. Physical and Health Education

This document sets out the standards for learning Career Technology in the Common Core Programme (CCP). The standards in the document
are posited in the expectation that CCP (B7 – B10) will offer quality education for all types of learners.

In the first four years of high school education, learners are expected to take a Common Core Programme (CCP) that emphasizes a set of
high, internationally-benchmarked career and tertiary education ready standards. Learners need to acquire these for post-secondary education,
the workplace or both. The standards articulate indicates what learners are expected to know, understand and be able to do by focusing on their social,
emotional, cognitive and physical development. The (CCP) runs from Basic 7 through to Basic 10.

Hon Jerry Akporhor.

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