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Military Men Taking Money From Cattle Owner In Kwahu South District.

Military Men Taking Money From Cattle Owner In Kwahu South District.


One-on-one interaction with the 1983 District Best farmer Torgbui Soku who is a farmer who does a big time agro business. He grows pepper, onion, maize and groundnut on large scale and he was the first person to introduce the growing of onion in the Kwahu south District.

Torgbui Soku speaking with Torgbui Gadeka made passionate appeal to the leaders in the country and in the District about what they are going through as farmers who also engage in cattle rearing, and it is very pathetic. He said it has been very difficult for some of my colleagues to say this actions of the military officers in public but I think I need to say it this time around, because we are suffering in their hands and I think they are just taking advantage of us, by extorting money from us in the name of coming to control Fulani herdsmen. Military Men who are to come and control the Fulani Nomadic in the area are extorting money from me day in- day- out he added.

They indiscriminately killed our animals (cattle) and take them away to sell or give to political leaders to enjoy or share among themselves. This has continued for one and half years now and we are losing a lot in their actions. We are Ghanaians leaving in our own country and doing our work but those strangers are rather enjoying than we Ghanaians and we don’t know where our leaders want us to go or do, he cried out.

They don’t kill Fulani peoples animal because we suspected they pay them not to kill their animals meanwhile those nomadic Fulani’s are the people causing the conflict between crop farmers and cattle owners, because I have never had any conflict with any farmers since my 53 years of rearing cattle but the current policy by the government is rather rendering me poor Torgbui Soku further stated.

The military men call me mid- night and anytime to demand for money else they will come and kill all my animals and I am currently not well because I sent them a lot of money more than GHC 20,000.00 since when they began this operation. They took some payment through mobile money and some; I sent it to them physical cash at Kwahu Abetifi further added by Torgbui Soku, whilst he was having interaction with the socio-political show host “Mpu ne Mpu” on Afram fm 103.3mhz -Torgbui Gadeka.

Military Men Taking Money From Cattle Owner In Kwahu South District.

Torgbui Soku in his conclusion statement made a passionate appeal to all stakeholders and civil organizations who fights and ensure the rights of individuals are protected to come to his aid because he has no body to rely on “The victims speaking with Torgbui Gadeka expressed their worries about such act by the Security officers and their leaders in the District and thereby calling on the Regional commander, Security Minister, the interior minister, the Member of Parliament (Hon. Seth Kwame Acheampong), the District Chief Executive(Hon. Atta Ofori Senior) and minister of Agriculture to hear they cry and make sure the right things are done to enable peace and harmony leaving in the Kwahu south District.

Kwahu South District is one of the District Located in the Eastern region with its District capital as Kwahu Mpraeso in the kwahu enclave. The District is blessed with fertile land, tourist site, good water body which serves as means of fishing and source of drinking water.

The main occupations of the people leaving in the area most especially those leaving along the River Afram are farming, rearing of animals and fishing. Those who are not closer to the River Afram also engage in farming and petty trading thus Kwahu Tafo, Bepong, Mpraeso, Abourm, Amartey, and Kwahu Amanfrom Cotters just to mention few.

The people leaving in the area as exposed to numerous risks in terms of travelling, farming and fishing. The road network from Kwahu Adawso to New Jerusalem is one of the worst and deadly voyages in the country Ghana as one undertakes such journey on daily basis most especially business men and women who usually go to market at Nketepah every Saturday.
Nketepah Market is one of biggest market in the Kwahu South District and has generated a lot of income to the District internally generated fund (IGF) but the current state of the market is no nothing to go home about due to bad nature of roads leading to Armed robbery and serial killing and injuries of innocent people who “to and fro” on the road.
Torgbui Gadeka’s first experience as a broadcast journalist and as a socio-political show has been a hell and my questions are:
Do leaders of the country, politicians, stakeholders, chiefs and political appointees care about people who leave there?
Do they exhibit the constitutional right by voting for some leaders?
Do politicians go there to campaign?
And where are they still voting if they are in such deadly situation?
The people of Kwahu Adawso to New Jerusalem are seen to be neglected by both past and current government in terms of good roads, portable drinking water and Education.

The socio-political show (Mpu ne Mpu) host and multiple award winner Torgbui Gadeka of Afram fm 103.3mhz can say and prove that people leaving in the Kwahu South District most especially those leaving along the River Afram needs major attention from the leaders of the country most especially politicians to give them their share of the national cake in terms of good road network.
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