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Message To All NABCO Trainees – Exercise Caution In Your Dealing As We Are Almost Hitting The Polls -(NABTAG)


NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana (NABTAG)


For Immediate Release:

Fellow Nation Builders,

As time is fast approaching, we shall soon be going to the polls in December, with just about 96 days more left. NABTAG is fully aware of the partisan tactics being played in the media space by the majority in opposition, the NDC fraternity, who couldn’t find any meaningful means to help address graduate unemployment with the eight (8) years they spent in power.

From the ‘Okada’ comparison, which received a lot of thumbs-downs from well-meaning citizens, to the unintelligent analysis put forward by our very own institution of intellectuals, IMANI Ghana, of which their covert allegiance to one of the opposition classes exposed their unrealistic analogy in tagging NABCO as a political initiative with no matchups to socioeconomic benefits, we can only examine the realities on the ground coupled with our submergence into the compassionate quality of the Akuffo-Addo led NPP government, and make informed decisions for our future and posterity. We shall definitely be seeing more unrealistic attacks in the coming days, so let us exercise prudence in all matters and be focused on the nation building journey.

NABCO is under a direct supervision of the Office of the president, therefore, the needed works leading to the ultimate essence of job creation shall definitely be arrived at in no time. NABTAG is undoubtedly concerned about the conversion of the three-year contract to permanent employ; the very reason we are still championing and pushing through for materialization.

However, it is vitally important that we work hard. Permanent employment consideration in your places of work will factor in how your effort affects the progress of your respective user agencies. In the meantime, let us note that the NPP government, having proven their readiness to take the nation to higher heights through its leadership of service, will not extricate the provisions made in securing the future of the youth through job creation.

The journey to building the nation with the foundation laid by the Akuffo-Addo led NPP government must be our only focus. We have been served with the right platform to safeguard our future as the youth and future leaders of this great nation. The right leadership has been set in motion; we have the opportunity laid before us; let us bring our families and close associates to join us and vote 4More4Nana2DoMore.


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