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Kyeremah Oppong Daniel Raises Hope Against Covid-19, Ahead Of The Presidents Speech Tonight.

Kyeremah Oppong Daniel Raises Hope Against Covid-19, Ahead Of The Presidents Speech Tonight.

Kyeremah Oppong Daniel Raises Hope Against Covid-19

The first line of our anthem, GOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND GHANA AND MAKE OUR NATION GREAT AND STRONG holds us together in these hopeless times.
Nations are crying, men and women desperate for a positive change. Presidents and leaders of organisations all over the world are deeply enrooted in their seats filled with anguish. Sleepless nights have become the order of the day. WE ALL ARE HOPING FOR A POSITIVE CHANGE.
Somehow, people all over the world, are dependent on America for a vaccine to combat the COVID-19. But in our little spaces, individuals and various organistions in the country have in one way or the other contributed immensely to aid the government in fighting this pandemic.
I am Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel, a third year Chemistry student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I yearn to make a positive impact all the time.
We all heard that as part of the preventive measures in fighting the pandemic, we need to use hand rub alcohol sanitizers. So I began to ask questions;
• How many people are well informed?
• How many people can adhere to these preventive measures?
• How many people can afford these hand sanitizers?
• Would the situation get worse in our country?
• Would there be a lock down? Can the nation afford it?
• If an immune booster is really necessary, is everyone aware of this and can every individual roaming the street afford one?
• What can I do to help in the fight against COVID-19?
These and many more are the questions that aroused my nerves to excitement whenever the fight against Coronavirus was mentioned.
The country’s welfare is our great concern to me, but my hearts goes out to the average Ghanaian man and woman who cannot provide themselves with sanitizers that can at least stop the spread of the virus in a way.
I started an initiative, with the little I have learned, which only saw the production of sanitizers and liquid soap. The street was the target, as most people who reside there cannot provide themselves with these things. I again saw reason to give away these sanitizers and soaps to them without a charge. This is the religion I look forward to practicing all my life. I also preached about the preventive measures the WHO had mentioned in various articles and adverts wherever I found myself.
This battle against Coronavirus is not for the swift, or the rich or the eloquent, even scientist all over the world are overwhelmed. It is just beautiful to see us all fight together in love, a time we can peacefully narrate as we recollect we fought this pandemic together in love.
This article is not meant to sell out my good deeds, but to encourage the youth, to make the best out of situations and do the the most even as we all join in the fight against Coronavirus.

let’s join in the campaign against Coronavirus

God bless Ghana

this too shall pass

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