Home ARTICLE Kintampo North MCE Fires Independent Candidate (Nana B).

Kintampo North MCE Fires Independent Candidate (Nana B).

Kintampo North MCE Fires Independent Candidate (Nana B).

Kintampo North MCE fires Independent Parliamentary Candidate – Honorable Nana Boateng (Nana B.)….

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Kintampo North Parliamentary Aspirant Nana Boateng; Popularly known as Nana B, have in recent times been under attacked by the Municipal Chief Executive.
Hon. Michael Sarkodei Baffoe.
This allegations from our sources indicates that, Honorable Nana Boateng in his attempts to help develop the “Center of Ghana” which has over the years been abandoned by the Assembly lead by the MCE, saw a hash rejection from the MCE to Honorable Nana B to stop the rehabilitation works with immediate effect.
Quoting from His Ex. the President of the republic of Ghana; “Be Citizens and not Spectators”, Why then will a sitting Municipal Chief Executive stop a citizen from helping to develop it’s community?
Speaking to some members of the community, some explained to us that, the MCE’s reactions could be due the fear of loosing out a political point. Others suggested that, from the track records of the MCE, it could be that he only thinks of himself and not the development of Kintampo.
Speaking to the Media Relations and Events Director for Honorable Nana B; Mr. Joshua Anemibere, he argued that the MCE Mr. Zero that’s how he called him, has nothing to show for his 4 years of Service t Kintampo, hence will do anything in his capacity to stop others from bringing development to the Municipality.
Mr. Anemibere further explained that, per their facts and records Honorable Nana Boateng had been a threat to both NDC and NPP parliamentary aspirants for Kintampo. This is said base on an evidence on the grounds. The people said that they are feed up with the lies of the NDC in Kintampo North and with the NPP MP Aspirant; Hon. Micheal Sarkodie Baffoe, he is not a good leader and replacement for effective development because he had nothing to show for development as a Municipal Chief Executive for the past three (3) to four years (4) in power”.
We shall bring you more updates from the happenings in Kintampo North.

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