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It Quite Very Unfortunate That The Only Mouth Piece Of Trainees Have Lost It’s Credibility To Politics



It quite very unfortunate that the only mouth piece of Trainees have lost it’s credibility to politics . Now most trainees think NABTAG is a political group but not an association for NABCO trainees.

I came across a group of Trainees putting measures in place to release a statement that NABTAG is not an association for NABCO but political group. I know most of You are thinking it is the so called CONAT but I tell you the truth it is NOT.

My humble advise to the leaders of NABTAG, Though ex president kuffuor brought health insurance that doesn’t mean all those on the scheme should campaign for him.

We are graduates we should not stand so low and allow our selves to be used by politicians.one thing we have to understand is that NABCO is not the only social intervention program initiated by the government.but none is campaigning apart from NABCO.why should it be this way?.

It is the responsibility of the government to create job for the citizens of the country of which NABCO is not an exceptional. Graduate are paid less than the minimum wage in Ghana in every 40+ days and you think we should rise and jubilate?

Though the government did well for introducing NABCO but that doesn’t mean we should use it as a political platform for camping.

Anytime an issue like this is raised they will boldly tellyou ” what were you doing when NDC was in power, NABCO is not by force you can decline if you think it is not good”.
Have you forgotten that if the old is not faulty there wouldn’t have been the need for the new,
Or is it true that some group of people are trying to use NABCO trainees to seek for political attention?

I see no reason why I should sing praises for someone for performing his responsibility.
Fellow nation builders now my question is, what is the fate of Trainees after the to there years? Why is it that there has not even been 1% increase in the allowance for this past two years yet our mouth piece sees nothing wrong with that.

The government made it clear to all module implementation partners that NABCO trainees should be considered first when there is the need for recruitment. But what do we see. People are being recruitment day in and out into our various places while NABCO trainees remains NABCO trainees and we see nothing wrong with that.

Some have been working for months without payment and we see nothing wrong with that.
I am a NABCO trainees not a politician neither should I be used as a tool for political gain.

NABCO is social intervention program initiated by the government and not a campaign team.
This is the time to properly address the issue concerning the program.

Politicians speaks different language when election is over.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make us great and strong.

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