How The mighty Coronavirus Is Going To Change The World In A Few Months EGS DIR. Research And Policy.

How The mighty Coronavirus Is Going To Change The World In A Few Months EGS DIR. Research And Policy.

How The Almighty Coronavirus Is Going To Change The World In A Few Months EGS DIR. Research And Policy.



The outbreak of the Coronavirus was not given much attention by the world until it turned a pandemic, affecting almost all the superpowers in the world. Within few weeks, the world has loss Trillions of dollars and still counting!
Should the pandemic continue through May and June, there would be a total global economic breakdown! Famine, and poverty levels shall skyrocket all over the world, especially in Africa. The famine shall be massive! The rich shall become poor and the poor shall eat or kill the rich for survival.

*PERSONAL CORONAVIRUS PROTECTION TIPS*. *Thirty (30) most important Tips we must adhere to as Individuals, Stakeholders and Government in Combacting the spread of COVID-19.* 1. Avoid contact with people. 2. Stay at home and avoid crowded places 3. Eat well balanced diet. 4. Don't allow persons who have traveled to high risk areas mingle with you, ensure the their screened. 5. Adhere to directive issued by the President of the Republic of Ghana. 7. Don't go to church nor mosque. 8. Don't touch surfaces anyhow. 9. Your money, Phone and anything you handle can be contaminated with the virus, regularly disinfect them. 10. Avoid Handshake. 11. Avoid hugging . 12. Avoid Kissing 13. Undertake handwashing after contacting people & handling iteams that are suspected or to be contaminated. 14. Don't use Microphones to talk. 15. Always cover your mouth facemask if you are at high to risk area. 16. Avoid public places such as durbars , Political rallies and other meetings. 17. Provide running water ,soap and towel for yourself and others to wash hands. 18. Be conscious about yourself and your environment. 19. As a health worker be prepared to assist and help identify symptoms. 20. Let's Educate one another in smaller numbers to help provide information on Coronavirus. 21. Don't create panic, fear, anxiety among the people or general population. 22. Get authentic sources of information before you share. 23. Don't tell lies on Coronavirus get the right issues before you share information. 24. Transport operators such as GPRTU etc must screen all drivers & passengers before boarding any public transport. 25. All Okada riders on commercial bases must be screened immediately. 26. All Health workers in the country must be screened. 26. All security personnels must be screened. 27. All food venders must be screened 28.All barbers and hairdressers must be screened. 29. It's everyone's responsibility to help the Government of Ghana. 30. All legal and illegal borders must be closed and internal travels regulated. Compiled by David Naboare.

Lots of companies have started folding up and many more are expected to collapse or go bankrupt in few weeks ahead! The rich shall lose their investments, many companies shall have no supplies to keep them in business, many workers shall be laid off and inflation shall gallop to a record high.
There shall be shortage of basic needs for survival as well as industrial needs. Imports and exports shall freeze; and as a result, hounding shall become a necessary evil. There shall be army of people chasing fewer or nonexisting goods. This huge demand and supply gap shall make it almost impossible for many people to survive. The price hikes would make it impossible for majority of citizens to meet their basic needs hence the serious security threat this pandemic poses should it continue for three (2 to 3) more months.

Robbery and Terrorism cases are highly likely to rise drastically as perpetrators shall be seeking means to survive. There shall be massive stealing of farm produce; and many shall lose their lives as a result.

Oil and other natural resources shall become useless for the time being. Who will patronize the natural resources and for what? No one will dare use public transport or aircraft. Shops and offices won’t open for safety sake. All Gods shall be irrelevant in this case! Churches, Mosques and Shrines shall be empty as everyone shall be for himself and only the fittest shall survive. Health workers shall desert the hospitals for their own safety, as the number of cases shall overwhelm them.

Most elections can’t be held as most countries shall be so broke…and queuing to vote shall also worsen the spread of the Almighty virus.
Almost everyone shall go bankrupt! Common diseases as well as food shortages shall kill the masses.

The world shall go back to near default; we would have to restart all over again.

This is not the time to pray; it’s time to gather experts to start preparing ahead of time for any eventualities. It’s time to look smart by stocking our buffer stocks thoroughly to meet the market demands should the unknown be fall us. Failure to do so by our governments simply means we must all prepare to go down or sink with the pandemic to our graves.

The world is about experiencing the worst ever financial and famine crisis in history if swift measures aren’t put in place to arrest the virus now!

We are about losing everything and the world shall never be the same should we not find whatever means it is to contain this virus now!
The saddest part is that when this happens, Africa us an import dependent continent with all its natural resources and our arable lands to feed ourselves shall ironically be the hardest hit! All prayer economies shall be the first to sink and extinct should this virus survive for three more months. AFRICANS LIVE WITHOUT PLAN and that’s why we’re going to be the ones to suffer the consequences the most through famine and financial crisis!

The Almighty Coronavirus is Going To Change The World! HOW PREPARED ARE WE?


Akoto Prosper Dyon
Dir. Policy, Counselor and Security Analyst.


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