Graduate Teachers Call On Government For Employment Before December 7th 2020: ( CUGTES)



We the CUGTES writes to demand for automatic posting of our members as enjoyed by College of Education Trainees. We say that we all are trained teachers we must be treated equally under the same Acts.

The Section 4 of the Education Act, ( Act 778,. 2008) states “ the tertiary education shall consist of education provided in a university, polytechnic or college of education established by an Act of Parliament or accredited by the National Accreditation Board.”

As such University of Cape Coast, University of Education Winneba and any other University accredited by the National Accreditation Board which provides teacher training courses must and should be acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service, and its graduate seen and accepted as Trained Teachers.

If that be case, then graduate teachers from the universities must enjoy equal privileges enjoyed by the College of Education graduate.

All Colleges of Education are to be upgraded to University Colleges and will offer a four-year Bachelor of Education degree with effect from the 2018-19 academic year, as part of efforts to improve the quality of teacher training in the country, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has announced.

So, some Ghanaians will receive monthly allowance to obtain a degree in Education and be posted by GES afterwards.

Why then should some other Ghanaians obtain a degree without allowance be refused the privilege of posting by GES.

Speaking at the 170th anniversary celebrations of the Presbyterian College of Education in Akropong in the Eastern Region on 17 June, Akufo-Addo said:

“These colleges will, initially, be affiliated with the University of Cape Coast and, subsequently, to other public universities.

This means that, eventually, a first degree will be the minimum requirement for teaching at any level of our education system.” Mr.

President we humble ask if graduate from these colleges who are to operate under the auspices of public universities are to be posted at the end of their programme, why should the graduate teachers not be posted too? What have we done wrong?

It is wrong to receive teacher education from the university? Please tell us. We will accept our ‘mistake’ to have enrolled on education programme at the university.

But we will vehemently warn and discourage our brothers and sisters not to ever make the mistake to even dream of applying to the university for any education course. Because that seems to be a taboo and they end up outcasts by GES.

If they do not want to post graduate teachers then they should make all universities offering education programme to stop and allow only the colleges of Education only train teachers in Ghana.

Colleges of Education run primarily run courses that equip the trained teachers to teach at the basic school (Nursery – JHS).

The courses they offer do not equip their trained teachers the content to teach at the Senior High Schools. It is the graduate teachers from the universities who are trained with the pedagogy and the content to teach students at SHS.

So, if Ghana Education refuses to post graduate teachers to teach at the SHS, who do they expect to teach there? Over the years, it has been these same trained teachers from the colleges who go on study leave with pay to offer a 2-year post Diploma in the university and afterwards they are posted to teach at the SHS. Always the reason has been that they names are already in the system.

Why should this be so? What makes us the graduate teachers inferior to the trained teachers?

Are the authorities aware that most of the colleges of education students happen to be there because they did get good grades to qualify them for admission in the university? So, why must they be posted to teach and we being ignored?

We always feel heart broken when here this popular comment “the government is under no Obligation to post graduate teachers.”

It is very sad to hear this. But is the government under any obligation to post teachers from college of education? Why, Is it because government pay them allowance?

Then the government should pay graduate teachers monthly allowance so they could be under an obligation to post us.

The tradition of the state paying trainee teacher a monthly allowance was first introduced by Dr.

Kwame Nkrumah as an inducement to get more people into the teaching profession.

Do we still need to induce more people to enter into the teaching profession?

Besides if there is still the need to induce people to enter the teaching profession, then we will be happy to tell government that we the graduate teachers need no inducement.

There are many of us who want to teach willingly because that is our chosen profession and it is our passion.

Why on earth should some people receive monthly allowance from Ghanaian tax payers money and be posted after their training?

Whiles others receive no monthly allowance and yet are refused posting. Is this fair? Are some Ghanaians more Ghanaians than others?

Another sad and unfortunate situation is the fact that the Ghana Education Service ‘seems’ to prefer to recruit graduate with no education ground to teach in the Senior High Schools.

Should they rather not recruit the graduate teachers who have been trained in the methodology and pedagogy of education.

After recruiting these graduates, they call them nonprofessional teachers.

Who does that? Which well-meaning employer ignores the professional and employs the nonprofessional worker?

We have heard that these strategy cuts down expenditure on teacher salaries. We do not want to believe this.

But If this is true then the plenty talk about improving the quality of education in Ghana is a sham. Who suffers at the end? Is it not the innocent students in the classroom and the whole the nation as a whole?

Teaching is both an art and a science. The science influences the art of teaching. Please employ the qualified teachers to teach.

There are many unemployed graduate teachers, employ them and let improve the quality of education in Ghana as the Minister of Education likes to preach about.

Graduate teachers are at the mercy of Owners of Private Schools. Few of these private schools pay well.

Most of them pay woefully below what those employed under GES take. It is very sad and pathetic to see a graduate teacher being payed less than GHS 500.00.

These Private School Owners sack teachers at will. But where can the unfortunate graduate teachers turn to? Have they not been marginalized in the GES recruitment process?

Have they not been rejected their governments? Now that school children are to stay in the house till January 2021 because of Covid-19, our case has become dire.

Most of us will struggle before we put food on the table. Meanwhile trained teachers who have been employed are enjoying.

Just recently there was a recruitment of 2017/2018 batches of trained teachers. Meanwhile some graduate teachers have been in the house since 2010.

We want to know when we will be employed.

We are ashamed of still depending and being a burden to our family and not being able to provide for ourselves and our dependents.

We feel very neglected and unfairly treated. Some of us have been employed under Nabco. But if you look at it critically you will suspect a foul play.

This is because the graduate teachers employed under the Educate Ghana Module are in the classrooms teaching.

The question is are they teaching anything less than what they would have taught if employed under GES? Why are they being paid less than what they deserve?

A Nabco trainee receives GHS 700.00, this is less than half of what a graduate teacher employed under GES takes.

What kind of injustice and robbing is this?

If there are teaching vacancies available why not GES employ the graduate teachers to fill those gaps?

But you employ these same graduates under NABCO and pay them less than have of their actual salary. Not a graduate teacher takes an average of GHS 1600.00.

The introduction of the Free SHS Policy filled our heart with hope.

But our hopes are now shattered. We knew that the Free SHS will increase enrollment which it did.

This means more teachers will be needed to teach. Majority of us the graduate teachers are still unemployed.

So how did they manage to get teachers to teach in the gold track and green track.

Another unfortunate case is that the Private SHS which we would have turned to have been indirectly collapsed by the introduction of the Free SHS. Where do we go to teach if the government will not employ us?

As if our situation is not bad enough.

When by providence there comes chance for us to be employed, then we come to face these middlemen you do not know whom they even work for.

They will charge you as much GHS 5000.00 in exchange for an appointment letter. What at all have we done to deserve this cruelly treatment. Most of us school with student loans and before we are employed, we have to pay. Why?

If you are a graduate teacher and you want to be employed by GES you will have to pay GHS 5000.00 to someone you may never see the for the rest of your life.

There are many occasions where after some of the graduate teachers have paid these huge sums of money, they do not receive the appointment letter promised or it turns out to be fake.

The bare fact is if you do not pay you will not be employed unless you have protocol.

In a nut shell, we the Coalition of University Graduate Teachers and Education Students demand that we are placed on the automatic posting as enjoyed by the college of education teachers.

Because WE ARE ALL TRAINED TEACHERS. Our petition is to President.

We wish to year some good news from you.

Our association includes all graduate teachers and education students at the Universities. We are mostly aggrieved young persons.

Please think about what aggrieved young persons can do.



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