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Ghana @ 63, Celebration without Joy Oh! Ghana, ‘WHY’?

Educate Ghana Summit(EGS) Joins Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly To Fight CORONAVIRUS.


The lofty Educationist, Author, Motivational Speaker and CEO of Educate Ghana Summit(EGS), Mr. Boadi William has declared that, our beloved motherland Ghana is indeed rich but only few people enjoy its richness and that has brought disappointment in the country. Ghana is 63 years but still not fully grown, taking into consideration the available resources (naturally and humanly).

Ghana is 63 years old this Friday 6th March, 2020. The theme for this year’s Independence day is, ” Consolidating our gains”. It shall be staged in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, Baba Yara Sports Stadium which is a nice move.

Yes, Ghana is 63 years old but the greater part of her children are homeless at home, penniless, jobless, voiceless, hopeless, apatheticness and their leaders are greedy, wicked, unpatriotic and careless. These has obliterated the real joy behind such celebrations and it seems to be irrelevant to the deprived Ghanaians.

This independence celebration is sweet bitter. EGS have been going to some deprived areas of this rich old country to do capacity building project and we never returned with a cheerful faces due to the poor conditions over there. The last visit were the following places;

  1. Akumadan Ashanti Region
  2. Dodoworaso Eastern Region
  3. Ehiama nkyine
  4. Kontenase, Central region
  5. Otrokper, Eastern Region.
  6. Teimuni, Eastern Region.
  7. Aketeng Manya, Eastern Region.

Sadly, we recorded something in common, they all lack electricity, good roads, good hospitals, portable drinking water and quality education. At Akateng Manya, I would advice our politicians not to go there for campaigns because, we were told that, they’re ready to stone them due to promise and fail over the years and they are not ready to vote for anyone this time round.

Candidly, “we live in deeds, not in years” because Ghana needs to have better achievements to boast of now, but not just 63 as a number and still being deprived.

Unfortunately, some rich but greedy members of parliament are grabbing scholarships for themselves meanwhile, the poor Ghanaians are not going to school owing to lack of money to pay fees. Rich Daddies and their babies are also on government scholarship. Our message to them is simple, make good use of your opportunity given to empower others but don’t be wicked for posterity will judge us all one day. Besides, good name is far better than riches.

Notably, in Ghana, during the lean (dry) season, most communities hardly get access to portable water either for drinking or use domestically. On the other hand, most places become flooded during raining seasons making people lose their lives, properties and other valuables. This phenomenon persistent without finding a solution.

Another major concern is the attack on our roads by armed robbers. Haven hustled and gathered some wealth for yourself, some particular group of people who wouldn’t toil but always want to live in luxury, attack you and make away with all your possessions and possibly, assassinate you. In the light of this, Ghana is seen to be old but still not fully mature.

The few tax payers in the country seem to be doing a “yeoman’s job” as the taxes collected are not put into good use, thereby thwarting the efforts of we the industrious Ghanaians.
All we see is misappropriating and embezzling state funds by certain individuals and groups of people.

The rampant road accidents due to the bad nature of roads and reckless driving in the country is heartbreaking. Mostly, we construct roads only in election year and the rush ends with shady work. We live in a country where the elites in society:- leaders and the rich breach the laws but go scout free. Nothing happens to them. We instead, worship them. Ghana is seen to old but still not fully mature!

Sadly, about 81% of Ghanaian populace are unemployed. Basically, it is expected that everyone, whether or not, educated must have a decent job to do for his/her daily bread and to contribute to the development of our motherland, Ghana.
However, the story is different! Where are the jobs? We live in a country where, if you don’t have any godfather in a particular political party in power, then forget it!

Our leaders ought to build and upgrade our hospitals, but they rather opt to travel abroad for medical treatments. Ghana is seen to be old but still not fully mature.

Again, upon all the big men we have from both sides, we can’t manage our own affairs meanwhile, our forefather, the late Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah said, ” the black man is capable of managing his own affairs”. Now, Ghanaians can’t manage their own education sector, electricity company, agriculture, health service and many more.

In Ghana, it is only politicians and leaders who are highly reputed enjoy the national cake. Most Ghanaians are poor due to the egoistic style of leadership. The idea behind Independence is lost and it now turns to a curse. There’s no need to even spend huge money on this celebration but that’s some other people cars and mansions budget. They will even insult me but Ghana first.

Instead of our leaders being patriotic enough without being partyism to protect the future of the nation by building more dams for electricity supply and upgrade our only motor way since our population is growing at a faster rate, they are rather seen in corrupt activities. Empowering family and cronies.

Ghana has so many churches but hmm the Christian values are not too tasty. After all, we say the battle is the Lord. Hypocrites. God will surely pay you.

Galamsey activities are now the anthem for the fighters.

Interestingnly, we have rebranded the confused citizen vigilante to improve corruption in Ghana. We need attitudinal change. We are building a national cathedral on earth to fulfill our promises to God in heaven meanwhile, innocent pupils are sitting on bare floor and under trees during lessons.

We must focus more on agriculture by growing more cottons to feed bonwire kente weavers, ATL and GTP among others in order to revamp our old factories. This, when we do, will create more jobs for the citizenry.

Preferably, we always import goods from outside countries. We don’t patronize our Ghanaian products thereby increasing tastes and preferences for foreign goods. Ghana is seen to be old but still not fully mature.

Ghana is 63 years old but our institutions are still folding while our leaders are enjoying huge salaries and allowances without thinking about their followers. NCCE is really sleeping I must be frank. They should wake up now!

Conclusively, Ghana is a blessed country, but our bad attitudes is not achieving greatness. Good citizens, humbly, let’s change our attitudes now!

I am a concern citizen of Ghana.

Long live mother Ghana
Long live Educate Ghana Summit


Mr. Boadi William CEO, Educationist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

Visit: www.educategh.org. we educate the nation

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