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Forms Of Relationship And Marriage By Akoto Dyon

Forms Of Relationship And Marriage By Akoto Dyon

TODAY’S LESSON 04-11-2020
Forms Of Relationship And Marriage
Hello reader, I hope you’re safe wherever you are now. Wow! Good to hear that. I want to believe that you enjoyed the previous lesson. OMG! You did? What a wow! that sounds so good to hear, my dear.

Now, let’s conclude our lesson on forms of relationship and marriage. Trust me, you are about to learn something you’ve probably never heard before. Kindly get some water to sip as I bring the lesson to you.

Let’s start with the simple ones before we dive deeper into the complex ones. Thanks for agreeing with me. Now, here we go!

  1. Dating: This simply means getting closer to your admirer or crush or taking someone out with the aim of knowing them better to see if you could be convinced by their story and character to possibly start a relationship with them. It also means taking someone or group of people out just to have fun or get some hidden information from them. So, you see, dating is not a relationship. As a result, one can date as many people as he/she wants before taking a decision. You may also have a date with your friends or family.

  2. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: This is a romantic or sexual relationship with a boy or girl. This happens after taking your admirer on a date….and you finally decide to go into a relationship with her/him. So boyfriend/girlfriend relationship happens after dating. This usually comes with a proposal to be in a relationship with the person….when the proposal is accepted, then a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship has begun. Note that you can do whatever both of you agree to do in this type of relationship….yet, one must thread cautiously as anything you do is at your own risk. This type of relationship has absolutely nothing to do with marriage…marriage isn’t part of it’s definition so be wise.

  3. COURTSHIP This occurs after a boyfriend decides to settle with his girlfriend. Over here, a more committed emotional bond is formed and the partner is ready or even goes to see the partner’s parents to make his marriage intentions known to them. The lady is also introduced to the guy’s parents with same message. It must be noted that one must not necessarily go through a boyfriend/girlfriend stage before getting to the courtship stage. You can start with dating and later proceeds straight to courtship.

  4. MONOGAMY: This is a marital relationship in which one is committed to only his or her partner. It’s a selfish kind of relationship where sharing a partner with someone else is strictly prohibited! It’s the most popular form of marriage in our era…yet, it’s one of the major causes of divorce as well.

  5. POLYGAMY: It is the broader term that refers to both men and women having multiple wives or husbands.

  6. POLYGYNY: This is one man having two or more wives.

  7. POLYANDRY: This is one woman having two or more husbands.

  8. POLYAMORY: This is where a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife have multiple lovers aside their main squeeze. This type of relationship is also called Open Relationship or Open Marriage

Types of Polyamory or Open Relationship

a. PRIMARY: A primary partner is a “main squeeze” in a polyamorous relationship with a hierarchical structure. Note that it’s not every polyamorous relationship that has a primary or main squeeze. Some people are more of freelance; they just have multiple lovers without committing to any of them. Such people don’t like pressure or simply can’t stand bullshit! So your primary squeeze is that partner you are so committed to, the partner you live with or are married to.

b. SECONDARY A secondary partner has a more casual relationship than the primary. You might be committed to your secondary partner, but you’re less committed to each other financially. Their finances aren’t actually part if your list…you only help when you want to. You don’t share housing nor stay together.

c. TRIAD A triad…also referred to recently as a “throuple” — is a relationship between three people. It’s more of one person in a relationship with two or three people at the same time or all three dating one another. Note that in this instance, nothing is hidden; all partners are fully aware of what’s going on.

d. QUAD: A quad is a relationship involving four people. A common example is when two polyamorous couples meet and each of them begins a relationship with each other’s partner.

e. FULL QUAD: A full quad consists of four people, with each romantically or sexually involved with every other member…and they are all fully aware of what’s going on with one another. No jealousy involve!

f. POLYCULE: A polycule is the whole network of people romantically connected. For example, it might include you and your husband, your husband’s girlfriend, your husband’s girlfriend’s husband, the wife’s boyfriend’s girlfriend, your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s girlfriend and so on. Think of it as a drawing that shows all of the links. You see that thing? Hahahahaha!

g. COMPERSION: Compersion is sometimes called “the opposite of jealousy.” It’s a feeling of joy that a person feels from seeing their partner happy with another person. Here, you don’t mind if your partner has sex with your friends so long as it makes him or her happy!

h. METAMOUR: A metamour is your partner’s partner. For example, your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend’s partner who is not romantically or sexually involved with you. It’s your partners wahala; you careless about it.

i. PARAMOUR: A paramour is an outside member of a marriage. For example, the girlfriend of your husband, a secret boyfriend of your girlfriend, a secret girlfriend of your boyfriend etc.

j. SOLO POLYAMORY Solo polyamory means you’re not interested in becoming the main partner (primary squeeze) to anyone.
This person doesn’t want to be in any committed relationship. They don’t want to be tamed by anyone. They might be the secondary partner to several people, but prefer not to have a primary partner.

Wow! Wow! Wow! All too soon, we’ve come to the end of today’s lesson. I hope, once again, you’ve learnt something new. Kindly share what you’ve learnt with others to make all of us knowledgeable in relationship matters.

Till I come your way again, it’s bye👋🏾

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