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Exclusive interview with J Black the CEO of Brong Ahafo Music Awards (BAMA) events and Today FM 101.7 About the second edition.

An interview with J Black the CEO of BAMA

Exclusive interview with J Black the CEO of Brong Ahafo Music Awards (BAMA) events and Today FM 101.7 About the second edition.When the event Organizer was asked about some of the challenges he faced in the previous audition,J Black went on to say that the very challenge that he faced was about how he was going to finance the whole event because this was something new being implemented into the very region which is no other place like Brong Ahafo region.

He further went on to say that because they lack some cooperate bodies there, it made it more difficult for them to attract sponsors and support, unlike the Ashanti region, Greater Accra and Northern region who have more than enough to support such event.They went on to ask him if they organised the event just for their own Benefit or just for personal gains after the awards.He said they are not in for personal gains because they plan to go a very long way with this very event; Help produce or project the music industry in Brong Ahafo high, and also celebrating the hard work of the musicians in the region is their main purpose for this event.

Kofi Kinaata is a testimony of the kind of artist BA can produce.They want the event to keep its prestige even after many years to come. They will be very consistent in this very event.Today Fm further on ask him what they are going to do about the region being divided into three parts,J Black stated that, as the name suggest BA, this means they are concentrating on all three regions that form Brong Ahafo region despite the region being divided into three which is Bono part, which is Bono East, Bono region and then the Ahafo part, so they are dealing with all of the three regions of BA, thats why this very year the nomination has been really opened widely for everyone to benefit, so as those musicians who have not been heard in the region but are well known in their various districts to be heard in the music market in the region so that the best of best will be known.After everything the main awards will be held in Sunyani which is the Bono region Capital.He was asked about the things to expect in the coming season,He said last year was just a try an error but this year its well organise, So the tour is going to be all around the three regions.

This year too, the event is going to be the in the best Conference Hall in Sunyani which is Tyco City Conference Hall. So this year people should expect something big coming on. The award plaque is being designed more goldly than last year. Because this year they have more sponsors than last year, Some of the Sponsors are as follow MUSIGA, Ghana Tourism Authority, MULTIMEDIA GHANA, BA TV, Asare Tv and other more media houses in and out of the region.J Black further disclosed that, Some few key personalities across the three regions in BA will be honored at the awards night as part of priceless efforts these individuals are and have contributed to the development of the music industry in the region.

Today FM asked him about the negative side of the event when people complain about being cheated.He said there are many same issues going on in the Nations like the VGMA when patapaa was suppose to win an award but fancy Gadem won it so, it does not depend on you but how well people knows you and are ready support and vote for you always. So that means you need the die hard funs to win this type awards.Some of the awards winners are Joyce Blessing, Kooko, Redfyah, Mega Bush, Vessel Frank and others. The awards is coming on this 2nd November 2019,Make sure you are there.

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