Home ARTICLE Dishonest Pre – Tertiary Teachers Union Gun Battles With A Wooden Knife.

Dishonest Pre – Tertiary Teachers Union Gun Battles With A Wooden Knife.

Dishonest Pre Tertiary Teachers Union Gun Battles With A Wooden Knife.

None of their defense is valid enough to stop the passage of the Pre – Tertiary education bill put before parliament. It holds no water. They are only protecting their association and the dues not GES mandates, teachers and teaching and learning as they claim in their press release.
Ghana education like any other is undergoing revolution. Change is inevitable just that sometimes it comes with a lot of discomfort. However the opinion or the discomfort, there is worth taking. You can’t continue doing the same thing and be expecting a different results. That posting result we all aim to achieve can only happen when we make efforts to change our ways of doing certain things.
In the light of the new Teachers’ Bill prepared by the Ministry of Education to be passed by parliament, four teacher unions namely GNAT, NAGRAT, TEWU and CCT-GH had come out with a press release to register their displeasure and disagreements towards the new bill. According to them
(1) They were not consulted in the entire drafting of the policy
(2) The decentralization items contained in the bill is detrimental to the prospects of teachers and the future of education in this country
(3) The fact that GES will be stripped off of its autonomy over education management.
In addition to these concerns, they churn out lies that are far below intellectual discourse.
(1) Teachers remuneration will be based on the assembly’s financial strength or ability to pay
(2) Employment of our teachers will be determined by the strength of the assembly.
(3) The bill when passed, will destroy the gains teachers have made over the years.
(4) DCE can hire or fire teachers at will.
(5) If the districts run short of money, teachers won’t be paid salaries.
(6) Inter-District and Regional transfers will not be possible.
This assertion of the unions inalienable and the other issues raised are dishonest ways to discredit something that the details of it is yet to be known to most teachers.
If they claim to be fighting for us, why wouldn’t they put the details of the bill out for every teacher to read for himself or herself to ascertain whether indeed the bill is detrimental to the prospects of teachers as they claim?
What is their problem when government decides to dissolve GES? For a fact, GES had been one of the teacher’s problems since day one and one will wonder why teacher unions will be protecting them over government’s decision to dissolve it. Many teachers want GES to be dissolved because of too much political influence and now that it’s may come to pass you are kicking against it.
See, the unions are afraid that the decentralization that would come to end their income source of accumulating wealth and properties as various smaller associations will erupt to take up directly and directly negotiate with their employers. Thus now between the District assemblies and the regional coordinating council and smaller teacher groups.
Aside that, teacher unions have no power to criticize government for not inviting them when drafting of the policy. The fact is that, the policy was funded by international organization where highly qualified education consultants were hired to study similar policies in different countries. Also, this is a government bill and it does not need approval from teacher unions to complete it.
They should rather take their time, study the bill well and punch the necessary holes in it if there is any. I understand there can be tangible criticism for which the bill should not be passed or they can suggest certain salient structures to be injected but they have missed it and are leading us blindly in a wild goose chase. They should wake up and get busy.
Jerry Akporhor. Teacher – Ag secretary Educate Ghana Summit.

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