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Critical Questions About The One Year Degree Top-up For Diploma Teachers Answered By Informed Teachers Network.


Critical Questions About the one year degree topup for diploma teachers answered by Informed Teachers Network

  1. Who are the targets for the one year degree top-up?
    The the last batch of student teachers who just completed with Diploma in Basic Education and in-service teachers with Diploma in Basic Education.

  2. What is the duration?
    The one-year top-up course is expected to take a duration of about 15 months/3 semesters.

  3. What is the mode?
    Sandwish, using blended learning

  4. What courses are available?
    B.Ed. in Basic education in various options. The main areas of specialization are Early Grade, Primary Education, and Junior High School Education.

  5. What is the purpose of the course?

  6. The purpose of the top-up course is to provide a grounding in the new approaches to teaching and learning which are being introduced in the Ghanaian education system to ensure competence against the National Teaching Standards and improved outcomes for student teachers and the pupils they will teach.

  7. The course is also to ensure all teachers have degrees and achieve greater parity across the system.

  8. Which universities are offering this course ?
    Currently, The Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast. Other universities are expected to follow suit.

  9. Would newly trained teachers be posted to do national service if they register for this course?
    Yes, they would be posted and since it is sandwich, they would do both concurrently.

  10. Is it mandatory? It is not mandatory but it has now become compulsory for all newly trained teachers who want to be employed by GES to have Degree as the minimum qualification.

  11. I am a newly trained teacher waiting to do national service, if i fail to do the topup, would i still be posted?
    I cant assure you that. GES may consider to post you since you are the last remnants of the Diploma system. But they have come up with a course to bridge that gap so i don’t know the decision they would take.

In case they decide to recruit, make sure you follow the crowd. If you are left behind, i am sorry, you may have to find a way of joining the degree bus.

  1. What about in service teachers with diploma, would they be sacked if they dont upgrade?
    No. But they would be given time to do that and gradually, the diploma would phase out on its own.

Be informed that this course will not affect you if you dont do it, but you must understand everything perfectly well before you enroll yourself into anything before you regret later.

Dont rush for anything take time Decide for yourself.

Hon. Jerry Akporhor
Informed Teachers Network.

A misinformed teacher is a deformed teacher and a deformed teacher is a biological weapon.

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