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COVID 19; Five (5) Questions World Health Organization (W.H.O) Must Answer

COVID 19; Five (5) Question The World Health Organization (W.H.O) Must Answer

The coronavirus is present in almost every country in the world, and has existed for about six months now. The World Health Organization success to be honest has manage to play its role in these very hard time and so has its failures.

The coronavirus is among the biggest, It may very well last. First the W.H.O downplay the threat then eventually they covered up and delayed the global responds. Now instead of admitting mistakes it’s preaching the world on how not to politicize a pandemic.

Has W.H.O taken some steps earlier things wouldn’t have ended this badly, here is the deal; we find the World Health Organization responsible for this pandemic, for leaving this world unaware or unprepared on the face of the coronavirus. We have five very important and basic question for the W.H.O to answer.

  1. Why did the W.H.O downplay Human-to-Human transmission?

In 14th January W.H.O said the Chinese has found no evidence for human to human transmission for this virus. They bought China’s word for it, and they did so when 12 days back 41 Chinese patient had been admitted the hospital fighting for their lives.

If this is not human to human transmission then what is this. They keep rejecting human to human transmission when actually the virus was spreading wide world. So why did they downplay the coronavirus at the first play.

  1. Why did the W.H.O refuse to brand the outbreak a pandemic

By 15th January the virus has started breaching boarders into other countries, the W.H.O did not declare a global health emergency. Another month by, by the end of February the virus has spread like flood in almost every continent.

The W.H.O did not call it a pandemic but it said its won’t be inappropriate yet they declared it appropriate after 57 days after the first case was reported in China, when also 4,000 people were also reported dead from the pandemic and 18000 people were also infected why or what again should be considered as a pandemic when the W.H.O has on its site that a ”pandemic is worldwide spread of a new disease” yet they failed to name this particular virus as a pandemic when the virus was in 83 countries and 6 continents? Pandemic is necessary because it makes other governments prepare.

  1. What did the W.H.O delegation to China Achieve?

On 28th January some delegations of the W.H.O went to Beijing meet with some Chinese leaders, by then 131 people had died by then and 4600 cases around the world. But the W.H.O chief executive said and am coating ‘’ it does look like, at least it’s not growing it’s reducing which means the number of cases in China was reducing and has not grown exponentially’’  they stays there for so many days but did not share any data to the world.

  1. Why did the W.H.O change the name of the Wuhan Virus?

On 11th February there were coronavirus cases as far as the UK and the Unite States the W.H.O still hasn’t declare a pandemic. What it was busy doing was this, making sure the name of the virus was changed and that it does not mention China so it was renamed to COVID 19 does an acronym for coronavirus 2019, they stressed on the year but not the place of origin, the WHO chief said this gives them ‘’ A standard format for any future coronavirus outbreaks‘’, but COVID 19 refers to the disease, don’t name China don’t name Wuhan basically don’t name anything that link the virus to China.

  1. Will the WHO acknowledge TAIWAN”S role?

Will they acknowledge Taiwan’s performance in these collective battle because that’s how the W.H.O calls it collective battle, after all it was the first country to warn them about the threat. As early as December last year Taiwan release a content of December mail, a mail which raise seven instances of a virus in Wuhan the WHO took no notice of this the rest is history.

That’s not all although Taiwan has been excluded in WHO organizations they are not called up to WHO meetings. Will the WHO acknowledge their performance or will it continue to be bullied by China. In its attempt to not upset China the WHO has failed to live up to its core mission that’s to protect human lives.

It is time to demand accountability and ask questions.

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