Counselor Dyon On: Various Names Associated With Relationship Affairs

Counselor Dyon On: Various Names Associated With Relationship Affairs
Counselor Dyon On: Various Names Associated With Relationship Affairs

Counselor Dyon On The Various Names Associated With relationship affairs

TODAY’S LESSON 04-09-2020

Valued reader, in today’s lesson, we shall be looking at some terms that are used to describe sexual relationships.

This is very important because it will help you identify where you belong as well as equip you enough to overcome heartbreaks. It is always good to be in the known so that you are not taken by surprise in any relationship you find yourself in. Stay glued to your hanset and read to the end.

  1. A No Strings Attached (NSA) NSA relationship means that you’re having sex with someone without the aim of it leading to a serious romantic relationship. An NSA is an open, casual sex friendship. Practitioners can engage in sexual relationship with as many people as they find interesting. NB. One may be married or having a boyfriend/girlfriend but still engage in an NSA relationship with someone.

  2. Friends With Benefits (FWB). These are two good friends who are usually there for each other in almost everything as well as have sex whenever they want. NB. Both may be having serious relationships or help each other find love…yet these two good friends still meet to have sex whenever they want.
    Difference between NSA and FWB is that NSA is broader; it occurs between friends, cousins, half-siblings, strangers etc. Whereas FWB is strictly limited to two best friends.

  3. Fuckbuddy (FB)/ Fuckpal(FP)/Local Fuck Buddy (LFB) This is similar to No Strings Attached (NSA). The only difference is that with FB/FP/LFB, you don’t go out or hung out with the person nor discuss personal issues…you only call the person to have sex when your partner fails to come over. You have no business with the person until you’re horny and there is no one available to give you sex. So it’s more of a last option kinda of thing.

  4. Fling: someone you call only when you need sex or romance. You only meet because you want to have sex, kiss, smooch, grind, caress and help each other cum. So you may think you’re in a relationship but, hey, maybe you’re just a fling to your so-called partner.

  5. Paramour: Someone you’re into a secret asexual relationship with without your friends or people around knowing it. Your secret boyfriend or girlfriend aside your main partner. Most married men and women as well as many boyfriends/girlfriends have paramours. Yes, they love you but also love someone else…they have sex with the person but keeps it secret. No one knows about it.

  6. Booty Call: Calling or texting someone to come over or meet for sex. This usually happens between NSA, FWB etc. It’s also done to strangers. The only difference is that with strangers, it’s more of a one time sex or one night stand. If a stranger gets a booty call or text from someone she/he fucked previously, such a stranger then becomes a Fling.

  7. Boything or Girlthing: Someone you’re in a sort of relationship with but aren’t too serious or committed to the relationship.

  8. Sex Date (SD) or Date With Benefits (DWB): someone you take on a date just to have sex.

  9. Lover: Someone you’re in a sexual relationship with outside marriage. It also means someone you’ve been having sex with but have no intention of getting married to him/her.
    It further refers to someone you love or has love for.

  10. Bae: someone you’re in a love relationship with. It also means someone you’re crushing on or an admirer you wish to be in a relationship with.

NB. Bae in Denish (Denmark) means Poop. Hahaha!!!!
In Icelandic (Iceland) Bae means Bye.

  1. Boo: It is used to refer to someone you’re into a serious emotional/love relationship with.

  2. Beau: In French, it means Boyfriend or Male Admirer. But in English, it refers to both boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

  3. Squeeze: It largely refers to someone you often have sex with even though you aren’t in a relationship with the person. There are two types of squeeze; main squeeze and side squeeze. Main squeeze is usually your boyfriend or girlfriend while your side squeeze is that guy or girl you’ve been fucking behind your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Dear reader, I’m sure at this time, I’ve been able to show you where you belong. Next time, before you start bleeding of heartbreak, crying over your partner cheating, judging people of their relationship behaviors, kindly try to understand their mindsets and where exactly they belong in the relationship lexicon given above.

It must be further noted that one can be in a very serious and committed relationship but still practice any of the lexicons listed above. When you find out that your partner is into that, don’t get too worried because it doesn’t mean she/he does not love you or wants to break up with you.

Nonetheless, find someone you can handle…just that you must not take things too personal in a relationship else you’ll bleed. Be open-minded if you really truly wants to get into a relationship. And if you’re already in one, kindly develop an open-mind or seek for professional help so you can prepare ahead of time in order not to be taken by aback!

Enjoy life the way you want it; for your destiny is in your own hands.

See you tomorrow as we continue our lesson.

✍🏾Akoto Prosper Dyon🇬🇭

Counselor Dyon On: Various Names Associated With Relationship Affairs
Counselor Dyon On: Various Names Associated With Relationship Affairs
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