Home ARTICLE Cosmetic Show Of Welcoming The President In The Bono Region Backfired.

Cosmetic Show Of Welcoming The President In The Bono Region Backfired.

Cosmetic Show Of Welcoming The President In The Bono Region Backfired.



For Immediate Release:


I issued a press release in the name of the Bono Regional Youth Wing on how the Bono Regional Minister instructed all schools and heads of institutions to artificially and forciably welcome the President in a jubilant manner on his working visit to the Region.

This morning, the NPP Bono Regional Youth Organizer, my brother Razak and the aide to the Minister, Maxwell Mahama were forced to come out to cover up for the Regional Minister who has nothing to show in the Bono Region as achievement, hence forcing GES to release students to chear up the President.

People of Ghana should read the attached letter from GES and judge for themselves.

I have always said the I, Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo will not gain anything from telling lies in public.

Fellow citizens, this is what your taxes are used for. Bono Region has become a region where big lies are poured into the ears of the President because of the Abysmal performance of the Mps, the Regional Minister and the other government appointees.

I repeat and still stand by my words that the Bono Regional Minister instructed and used our taxes to stage a comic and cosmetic welcome for the President to cover up her poor performance as a Minster in our beloved Region.

My brother Razak, the Npp Bono Regional Youth Organizer should note that truth will remain truth in the minds of the people of Ghana and not the lies and the cover ups he wants to do for his non performing appointmentees in the Region.

Razak is a Youth Organizer and he should rather join me to call on appointees in the Region and Nana Addo to demand for our share of the National cake.

He should join me to demand for our locked up funds with DKM, God is Love and other financial institutions.

He should join me to call for a review of the price of cashew that has fallen from 900Ghana cedis during the reign of John Dramani Mahama regime to 120gh today under the watch of Nana Addo who promised a proposed price of 1,600Ghana cedis.

He should join me to demand for our 1million per constituency which is now 3 million per constituency because of their three years in office.

He should join me to fight for our jobless nurses and rotational nurses who have not been paid for 9 months now by his government.

He should join me to push for the creation of jobs for the Youth in the Region.

This is what will help we the political leadership in the Region than to start behaving like his Chairman Abronye who has become a doormat in the Npp because of how he has wrongly branded himself.

May God be our helper and help us get to where he has promised us, may he never fail us for we need him us a nation.

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.