Coronavirus: The Biggest Spreading Agent is “Foolishness” Not “Contact” With Infected Person-

Coronavirus: The Biggest Spreading Agent is


Coronavirus: The Biggest Spreading Agent is “Foolishness” Not “Contact” With Infected Person- Counsellor Daniel Fenyi

  1. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said Africa “should prepare for the worst” on Convid ’19. Well, you don’t have to be a medical person or a prophet of doom to know this.
  2. The Ghana Health Service has reported of seven (7) confirmed cases and 381 unconfirmed cases. Now, let’s deal with the unconfirmed cases.
  3. The 381 unconfirmed cases are people who got into contact with the 7 confirmed ones. Which means, on average, each confirmed person had contact with 50 people. These 381 people are still living with us in our communities.
  4. Let’s assume about 50 of the 381 have the disease (which is possible and can even be higher). Granted that each of the 50 gives it to just 10 people before they are caught and quarantined, is that not 500 already?
  5. The 500 shoots to 5,000 if each infects just 10 people. Well, the 5,000 only have to contact 10 people in two weeks (which is so possible) to make 50,000 affected cases.
  6. For those who think the calculation is far-fetched, well, as I write, some brainless people in the Eastern Region are in long queues registering the Ghana Card. If just 1 infected person is there, trust me, over 1,000 people could be infected.
  7. The President ordered schools to close down and failed to make provisions for safe transportation. Over 500,000 students, from Universities to SHS, are travelling across the country to their homes. Among them are 381 unconfirmed people.

8. Look, if Ghanaians die, it is our own foolishness that killed us not Convid ’19.

Word to the Wise!

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi
Agona West.

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