Home EDUCATION CLASSROOM TIPS Ensure a good Learner Environment By Sir Eric.

CLASSROOM TIPS Ensure a good Learner Environment By Sir Eric.

CLASSROOM TIPS Ensure a good Learner Environment* By Sir Eric.

Ensure a good Learner Environment

School ethos, quality infrastructure and pleasing learner environment are indispensable in ensuring quality education, especially in this 21st century. It is of much concern to UNESCO. It’s amazing to discover the healthy and productive relationship between learner environment and academic work which leads to improved performance. Whenever we travel across Ghana for capacity building programs, one key component of education that we give much attention to, especially, with respect to the schools along the main routes is infrastructure and learner environment.
Teachers and school management are to ensure learner friendly environment which does not inhibit the learners’ quest and active involvement in teaching and learning processes, as well as co-curricular activities.
The environment should be attractive and not injurious, and shouldn’t seem to or pose a threat to the learner. Teachers should be much concerned about designing learning environment to connect with or have a relation with Teaching and Learning. This is because learners learn best from their direct environment. The classroom should be attractive and should have adequately displayed teaching and leaning resources.
The class should be well ventilated and devoid of heat. Interestingly, its amazing to know that students could help much on how to give the classroom a face-lift.
Give much attention to the learner environment to complement your teaching and learning process.An effective teacher is one who facilitates the process of learners’ acquisition of knowledge and skills in an easier, practical and an enjoyable manner through the adoption of relevant pedagogical strategies, practices and methods. John Holt stresses, “Learning is not the product of teaching.”
So teachers are facilitators, coaches and inspirers of the teaching and learning process.
They engineer the learning process for learners to grasp relevant knowledge and skills to make them equipped for future prospects.


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