Building 88 District Hospitals Is Just A Lullaby. Focus On These, Mr Boadi- EGS Boss.

Building 88 District Hospitals Is Just A Lullaby. Focus On These, Mr Boadi - EGS Boss.
Building 88 District Hospitals Is Just A Lullaby. Focus On These, Mr Boadi - EGS Boss.


The government of the day led by H. E President Nana Addo Danquah deserves 68.7% praises considering the COVID-19 fight so far. He is trying his best with a lot of strategies.
Even, the Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund is set to begin the construction of a 100-bed hospital facility in Accra as part of efforts to support the fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Wow!, Nana Addo gye wo✌

However, the government’s plan of building 88 district hospitals in the country is a LULLABY. Is a different message with no wings to fly.

I think we should consider and complete the abandoned incomplete hospitals and CHPS compounds rather at this critical period.

Besides, the no-bed-syndrome and the issue of abandoned hospitals have been in the spotlight under the previous and the current government. Meanwhile, you promised to fix the mess. Many lives, has been lost due to No-bed-syndrome and lack of required equipment. Those are pending.

Owing to that, Citi FM was compelled to petition the President for the completion of all abandoned and uncompleted hospitals.

Thereafter, Mr. President, through the petition in August 2018 you gave assurance that a number of projects will be completed by August 2019.

However, as of December 2019, Two of the projects had already missed their deadlines. They were the Nsawkaw District Hospital and Tepa District Hospital.

Bringing the numerous and sweet 2016 campaign promises to book, the 88 district hospitals depicts the normal political talks in this lullaby statement. We must lay the bed widely to enable us sleep comfortably. The country is still battling COVID-19 so do not let the election date distract you. Lives are far important than power. Please go and prove your abilities to invalid some noise from the opposition.

Kindly focus on the following;
A. Continue the abandoned hospitals and CHPS compounds. CHPS compounds could be used as an isolation centers but not schools.
B. Resource Noguchi.
C. Provide more PPEs to our health workers.
D. Involve the CSOs and other groups to champion the public education because, those people are just filling their bellies.
F. Spy the COVID-19 fund vividly because Gorilla is still a Gorilla.
G. Find another office for NCCE.

Mr. President, please, advise some of your sympathizers to stop the verbal assaults. This is what you told us “I ask you to be citizens: citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens building your communities and our nation. Let us work until the work is done.” Some are even missing the word NAYSAYERS. We can only spell out dent measures to you and your men(the appointees) for the sake of our beloved country.

We are not enemies to anyone but, we want the best for our 63 years old country. Sitting on a fence won’t help.

I am a citizen but not spectator. Ghana first.


Boadi William
CEO, Educationist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

EGS…We Educate The Nation.

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