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Be Careful What You Say To And About Teachers NAPO. The Immaturity Of You Is Getting Out Of Hand, A Teacher To Napo.

Be Careful What You Say To And About Teachers NAPO. The Immaturity Of You Is Getting Out Of Hand, A Teacher To Napo.

I would have preferred not to talk but my noble profession is at stake following the video which NAPO clearly indicated that Teachers from colleges of education gained admission into different colleges with worse results which they couldn’t use to gain admission to the universities.
I highly respect you as a minister in our mother land, Ghana.
Please, minister only say what you know and sure with clear evidence on public platforms and not what you are not certainly clear about.

I joined the noble profession not because I was not qualified to be admitted to any University in Ghana, no University in Ghana and even outside the country would have turn down my application if I had done so.
Until you (NAPO) the devil came and degrade Teachers to nothing and killed the interest that the young ones had for teaching profession.
There was and had been the minimum requirements for the various colleges of education across the country which all colleges abide to. Passes in three core subjects thus Maths, Science and English language with (A1-C6) in the WASSCE and A-D in the SSCE and other equivalent qualifications(3 electives).

Honourable, you, your relatives, your children and the unborn ones in your family can never genuinely acquire the qualification I had at the end of my stay in SHS which I used to gain admission to college of education, I’m not insulting you nor disrespecting you but that’s the fact.
You may be the minister today and I’m a teacher still you can’t compare yourself to me in terms of academics.
Teachers are not nobody, we have been through training 3 years to handle the pupils in the classroom not because we can’t gain admission to the universities but out of the passion many of us have for the profession.

Honourable, get a mate of yours’ which you all completed second cycle education together and the person went to Training college and compare your results back at then to the person’s before you come to vomit ignorance out of you.
You have said a lot of lame things about teachers, please is enough you are not a minister to only quarrel and say nasty things about teachers without being able to implement nor initiate any better policy for the good of education in Ghana, teachers were there when you were nowhere and we will still be here when you will be nowhere, so mind you, your speeches and whatever you say to teachers.

You are not better than the least teacher in the field, we are noble and respect ourselves if you don’t, so don’t bring yourself.
Remember where you are today is not permanent so mind your language to others under your administration, there are teachers who can do better than you if they had gotten that same opportunity.

If we (teachers) are nothing to you at least we are not also drug addicts.
We have a lot to give out to you but for now, I will halt here, you will hear from us anytime you try that immaturity of yours.
You were not made minister because of teachers but rather to make good policies for the betterment and good of our educational system.