Are Todays uncultured, disobedient, disrespectful Modern Teachers Supposed To Be Called Teachers At All.

Are Todays uncultured, disobedient, disrespectful Modern Teachers Supposed To Be Called Teachers At All.

For me a teacher can be defined as someone who has acquired skills, knowledge, experiences and understanding, and he or she is mandated to impart the wisdom to others, so that they will also become like him or even more than him or her.

When I was young, teachers exhibited the aforementioned qualities and so they were far respected than any other person in any society in Ghana at the time.

In those days teachers were all grown ups and showed absolute mental maturity and behaviour.

Teachers were chosen to be the secretaries to chiefs and participate in all the important activities in the society, using his or her wisdom to solve certain critical issues affecting the people in the society especially in the area of marriage, sharing of light and water bills etc.

Children in the community saw teachers to be their number one role models and they were craving to serve teachers and be like them.

Parents were happy to see a teacher enjoying his or her farm produce.

Some were even praying hard that a teacher will propose to any of their family members or daughter.

Teachers were respected than chiefs and elders in the community, cuz they believe that the heads of teachers are full of wisdom, and saw them as smaller gods.

Teachers were compared to non and they normally stay at places which is isolated from the community.

Hardly will you hear rape cases among teachers and so parents don’t care even if their daughter goes to work for a male teacher and decided to sleep there.

Teachers were discipline, respectful, love themselves, obedient to laws in the society, united, selfless, neat with their long white socks always on, defend one another in critical situations, and they almost had the same behaviour.

Nowadays, what do we see with respect to so called modern teachers? thus most of them are uncultured, disobedient, disrespectful, some raping their own pupils, lazy, not united, selfish, immature and behaving like children, some lacking the ability to exhibit wisdom, knowledge and understanding in their daily activities, greedy, quick tempered, quick to react without considering the outcome etc. As a matter of fact,
Until these young teachers begin to exhibit the behavior of the olden teachers, that made them commanded respect in the societies and in the nation, teachers will be treated like thrash anywhere they find themselves.

Let us learn to behave professionally in all aspect of our lives.


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