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An Open Letter To His Excellent President Nana Akuffo Addo – A Concern Citizen.



Your Excellency, The program you initiated ( Coronavirus Aliviation Program CAP) was a good program to ease business slaps on our Ghanaian Small scale businesses.

Well-done! Mr. President, for such a wonderful initiative.

You know what?
Most of our Ghanaian citizens, especially our market women, find it very difficult to get their tin number on time due to poor network claim by GRA, at the same time, most of GRA centers have one machine in scanning the details of their subscribers, due to this, majority where delayed to get their tin number on time.
It took some people 4 days to get theirs and some 8 days,

MAJORITY of them where not able to apply for the CAP program when they finally got their tin number, because, the deadline have elapsed.

I humbly plead with you, to add another 4 days grace period to the program, so that, those who currently had their tin can apply and those who were applying before the time elapsed can re-apply.

Our market women wasted over one solid week of their business time just to form a long cue at GRA to get a Tin number, for them to go to the NBSSI center, to told time the program have elapsed.

So sad!
This wasted time of theirs, have cost most of our market women goods to go waste , our tomatoes, fish, fruits and vegetable sellers were affected big time in this food spoilage. Some of them are currently out of business because those goods brought to them are in large quantity and on credit bases even dough the program just ended yesterday.

The cry, anger, anxiety and sadness on this market women faces is creating a big problem and cause to worry, your Excellency please DO SOMETHING! for them.

There were many challenges GRA and NBSSI centers across the country faced.
Most of their major challenge is poor network and few machines /workers to help fast track the process.

In some NBSSI centers as at 5:30pm yesterday 26th June 2020, over 400 applicants were standing waiting for their turn to be registered.

This has really cause a big blow! on our Ghanaian market women.

As a concern citizen and not just a spectator, I’m drawing your attention on issues currently on grounds in which our market women are murmuring and complaining off.

From a concern citizen

Freedom Boyka.


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