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All Graduate Must Learn A Handiwork To Survive – Congrats,  A Call To All Graduates:-Boadi William, EAI Boss



All Graduate Must Learn A Handiwork To Survive – Congrats,  A Call To All Graduates:-Boadi William, EAI Boss

“Education comes from within; you get it by struggle, effort and thought” – Napoleon Hill

My dear graduates, congratulations. Exams is not easy at all. Dawn and night studies just to memorize about someone, edifices and workout figures, done well.

Anyway, welcome to the new world precisely Ghana. The unemployment situation is on the high side. Many graduates are unemployed simply because our school and the education system is poor and they do not consider any job that provides them stipends rather than salary, to be their match.

Humbly, I would like to caution you to learn handiwork whilst waiting for your results. It’s obvious most of you wouldn’t get the chance to further your schooling but with the handiwork, you will surely make it in life and even employ a lot of your colleague graduates in future. Unfortunately, life skills education were not thought well in school unlike the reading content. So please, be humble, be honest, respectful, helpful, spiritually strong and law abiding to enable you to fit into the society. Mind you, our society has already failed due to partyism, nepotism, favoritism and deviant citizens. So be very vigilant when emulating and make a rightful impact to the society.

It is believed that, salary is a lifetime disappointment which most salary earners do not know. It is more rewarding and prudent for graduates to learn some handiwork to enable you become financially independent rather than waiting on government for employment.

Prolifically, open mindedness is a vehicle that drives individuals to realising their dreams. It is disgusting to see graduates who have spent exorbitantly to acquire certificates but still can not boast of single job.

Let us refrain from the notion that, white color jobs are the best employment opportunities for person(s) to become successful in life.

Another equally important issue that baffles me so much is our commitment to our maker. According to our various beliefs, let’s involve our maker in everything.

The hard truth is that, people sometimes spend too much of their time and money in prayer centers, with the mallams and in the shrines waiting and expecting miracles to happen. They even go to the extent of dishing out every little money on them to those men/women of God and spiritualists all in the name of ‘spiritual consultation’ and offering for breakthrough. Remember, real life is you. We must not forget that, Faith without physical work is a dead one.

This is to say that, the spirit of patriotism does not reflect fervently in some citizens. I hereby plead with every Ghanaian to have some sense of patriotism which will surely unearth the potentiality vigorously in aid of self development and nation building.

Educate Africa Institute therefore beseeches the unemployed graduates already in the system and the fresh ones to do something profitably with their ‘4H’; the Head, Heart and Health.
You can put your forces together as friends and colleagues to go into profitable ventures such as agribusiness, fashion designing etc to create your own world.

Additionally, citizens must keep good records and take proper care of government properties inasmuch as one finger cannot pick a stone.

It is the deepest pleasure of Educate Africa Institute for the recognition as an organization worth bringing light to all citizens for the betterment of our mother Ghana and Africa as a whole.

I am a citizen of Ghana and Africa is born in me.


Mr. Boadi William
CEO of Educate Africa Institute (EAI), Educationist, Motivational speaker


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