Akufo Addo Government Using ‘AFAG’ To Hound Mr Daniel Yao Domelevo Over Kroll Contract And Other Corruption Exposes

Akufo Addo Government Using ‘AFAG’ To Hound Mr Daniel Yao Domelevo Over Kroll Contract And Other Corruption Exposes


It is awfully disgusting watching how the Akufo Addo-led New Patriotic Party government, through over-pampered surrogates, is relentlessly scheming to get the hardworking Auditor General, Mr Daniel Yao Domelevo, out of office for exposing deep seated corruption in government. Ordinarily, a President who achieved his boyhood dream of becoming president on the back of promise to fight corruption must embrace the unprecedented work of Mr Domelevo, adequately resource his office and encourage him to do more.

Unfortunately, President Akufo Addo and his government have since its embryonic stage in office been fighting tooth and nail to get the noble Auditor General out of it way so its appointees’ naked fleecing of the state would go unexposed. Mr Domelevo’s ‘crime’ to warrant this needless vitriolic from government officials and assigns is his unmatched and roundly admired skills in exposing corruption involving right hand men of President Akufo Addo who hitherto would have gotten away with their scandalous deeds. It thus appears that Mr Domelevo has touched some “beloved men” of the President with his ruthless anti-corruption rod, hence the need to hound him out.

From all indications so far, the Akufo Addo government is averse to the few who are fighting corruption, or at best, instead of fighting corruption, President Akufo Addo and his minions have turned their guns on the few patriotic Ghanaians who have made it an article of faith to fight corruption. The President and his men only hero-worship persons who call his opponents as corrupt but frown at persons who expose the corrupt practices of appointees of the NPP government. Mr Domelevo is one of such persons that the President and his lackeys have not been comfortable with and have thus set out to bring him down at all cost.

Actions and inactions of government officials and known NPP chieftains and sponsored agents point to a well elaborate plot to discredit not only the work of the Auditor General but also impugn his integrity and use crude and devious tactics to get him booted out of office. After been unsuccessful with its elaborate plot to starve his office of resources, government deployed its tabloid, Daily Guide, owned by NPP National Chairman, Freddy Worsemao Armah Blay; government communicators and the Information Ministry to go after the AG.

Having been badly exposed and at the end, unsuccessful with this plot, government has now turned to its rainbow group, Alliance For Accountable Governance (AFAG) to prepare the way for the NPP government to wipe out the man who they consider to be a pain in their necks. If anyone doubts AFAG’s association with the NPP, and the fact that it is doing government’s hatchet job, then the description of the leader of the group, Davis Opoku Ansah, an aspiring NPP parliamentary candidate in the Mpraeso constituency and special assistant to the Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, is enough to clear that doubt.

AFAG, which went on hibernation since NPP won power, was only resuscitated when the Auditor General released its 2018 findings which indicted Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta and Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Marfo of engaging in a sweetheart deal with Kroll Associates, leading to the payment of one million dollars to the firm for no work done. Instead of AFAG to support the AG to recover monies wrongly paid by the Senior Minister and Finance Minister, the group picked on a report by the Public Procurement Authority to frame up a fluvial claim of breaches of the Procurement Act.

After the AG gave indications of its preparedness to surcharge Mr Osafo Marfo in respect of the Kroll Associate deal, AFAG again issued a statement, alleging that some persons at PPA were seeking to shield Mr Domelevo, hence the former’s refusal to respond to its query. The group, in a self-promotional gimmick, announced its intention to petition President Akufo Addo for the removal of Mr Domelevo.
Isn’t it laughable that a supposed serious group which claimed it had evidence of Mr Domelevo breaching the Procurement Act would now be knocking at the doors of PPA to authentic its imaginary allegation? If there is any right thinking person left in AFAG, he/she ought to have known that if their query had any merit, PPA would not have wasted a second to respond to same. Again, does AFAG need the approval of the public before it could petition the President? If they believe they have incontrovertible evidence against Mr Domelevo, why are they engage in this infantile attempt to crucify the AG in the court of public opinion instead petitioning the President as they have promised?

YoFAG is by this release serving notice to AFAG and its parent body, NPP government that Ghanaians have come to accept the yeoman’s job Mr Domelevo is doing. Any attempt to stop him from surcharging Osafo Marfo and any other corrupt government official would be fiercely resisted. As Mr Domelevo himself has stated, nobody can push him out of office without going through the right procedure. We associate ourselves with this bold declaration, and would do anything accepted by law to ward off any destructive instinct intended to frustrate him.


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