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Africa Education Watch On The Proposal To Run Double Track In Colleges Of Education


On the emerging Double Tracking of Colleges of Education:

We learn Double Track (DT) is coming to our Colleges of Education (CoE) too.

Under the previous Diploma System, Colleges or Education [then Teacher Training Colleges-(TTCs)]were doing only 2 years at campus & one year off-campus for their Diploma Programme. Maximum capacity per TTC averaged 800 (400 year one; 400 year 2) at a time.

The government started planning the conversion of TTCs into CoE as far back as 2017 with plans to expand infrastructure for the 4-Year Campus Programme (including a semester off-campus)

After 1 year of planning, the programme took off in 2018 with the admisison of the first batch, and the second in 2019. The third batch is expected to enroll this year.

After two years of implementation, very little progress has been made in upgrading infrastructure to accommodate the expected 4 cohorts. Most projects have stalled; some even at foundation level due to cash matters; but at the same time, we have spent about GHC 500 million on Teacher Trainee Allowances (in the presence of a students loan scheme for tertiary students); money which could have easily completed all these projects by now.

Today, we are faced with a Double Track (DT) College of Education, before the third batch can be admitted. Virtual learning is poor due to terrible internet; Infact, most Level 200 CoE students are in school now to complete the 2nd Semester because Virtual Learning was not efficient.

DT seems to be the only option which will permit CoEs to admit Level 100 students this year, even if admission rates are maintained. NOTE: This DT is arising out of poor management, planning and financing and NOT because of increased admission. Even if admission rates are maintained, we will still do DT.

Also, the DT will come at the expense of quality. Under the Bed Basic Education Degree Programme, students undertake one day of supervised, mentored Practical Work in a school close to the CoE every week. This obviously cannot happen anymore if students are to learn remotely.

Once again, most of the key challenges in our education system is the result of poor management, lack of allocative and spending efficiency.


In the said post, in paragraph 4, they claim plans to convert Teacher Training Colleges to Colleges of Education started 2017. This is not true.


The truth is , These teacher institutions used to offer Three Years Post Secondary Teacher Certificate ‘A’. But as time progresses, it became necessary to review it to catch up new minimum requirement for teachers employmeng 1996(Diploma) and educational needs at that time.

Then, In September 2004, under the leadership of the then Minister For Education Youth And Sports, Hon kwodzo baah Wiredu, The Three Years In-In-Out Diploma In Basic Education was rolled out. The first batch graduated in 2007.

Then Again, Just recently, in August 2018, under the leadership of Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Colleges of Education have seen yet another upgrade, now achieving the aim of reaching the full tertiary status conceived back in 2001. These institutions have now been d
Affiliated to 5 different universities (UCC, UEW, KNUST, UG AND UDS) unlike in the past where they were all linked to only UCC making them university colleges of education which now offer Four Years Bachelor’s Degree in Basic Education Program. The first bath would be graduating in 2022. Thank you.

Writer Jerry Akporhor

Source: Manuelnewsgh.com

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