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A Message To The President Akufo Addo From Trainee Teachers Concerning UCC End Of Second Semester Examination Fee


Good day … fellow Trainees, our voice must be heard out loud and clear to His Excellency NANA ADDO DANKWAA AKUFFO ADDO ..

I know and believed that with this idea and autocratic decision of UCC … Mr President has no idea of this dangerous decision.I called it dangerous because they knew we are not in normal times. All of us are aware of how this Covid 19 has ruined the heart of this nation and the globe at large ..To mentioned my views of the matter .. WE MUST SPEAK FOR OURSELVES

How can UCC Rob us this way? , what have we done to deserve this? and who will be there for us?

This is purely Autocratic Mental Robbery
Now let’s consider things , in normal times for Studies, Studies from various colleges of education pays four hundred Ghana cedis (GHC400.OO) as their examination fee.

In the aforementioned amount constitute

1.  First quiz for students*
2.  Second quiz*
3.  End of Semester Examination*

This sum up the amount of Ghc400.00

So in this pandemic where students have all their studies virtual and online, both quiz were Eliminated.( No questions were printed)

And students are to take their end of semester examination in this shortest time, yet still UCC want students to pay the total amount without any deductions and within one week.

..As I speak various Universities not to mention many KNUST , WENNEBA etc has ended their semester online by writing end of semester examination online as well…

I don’t understand why UCC has been rigid concerning this End-Of-Semester Examination by not allowing us to write online, and I want to ask if we are able to do virtual learning why can’t we do virtual examination….?

UCC WHY Our parents are not owning Bank of Ghana oooo, and students together with our parents are part of the people who suffered during this pandemic . We were not Eliminated from the pandemic.

TTAG our mouthpiece , do something before the is late . You have been decieving students teacher always that WE MEAN WELL whilst students are suffering .
Now the ball is in your court mean well and let’s see.

My plead is either UCC reduce the amount or extend the payment period.
Colleagues let’s try to share this write up.

Dear trainees..let’s share to reach The President of the Nation to wipe away our tears and pressure🤝🏿🤝🏿



your right,my right ✌️🤝🏿


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